Weekly European Nintendo Download – 22/03/18

It’s Thursday, which means that the Nintendo eShop is dropping some more digital goodies on the Nintendo eShops.

This week we have the mystery solving pokémon in Detective Pikachu, a plundering curse in Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, some delightful eShop discounts in the Spring Sale, and more!

Check what’s coming your way after the break!


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Nintendo Kicks Off E3 2018 with Splatoon and Smash Bros. World Championships

E3 is quickly approaching and Nintendo have already started to reveal some of their plans for Gamer Christmas. Nintendo will kick off E3 with two highly intense tournaments. The Super Smash Bros. Invitational and the Splatoon 2 World Championships will go live on the 11th and 12th June 2018. If you aren’t at E3, never fear as Nintendo will be streaming the action live on their YouTube and Twitch channels.

The Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018 will bring a specially invited group of Smash players and pit them against each other on the recently announced Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch. This is likely the first time gameplay will be showcased to the world, so it should definitely be interesting to follow.

The Splatoon 2 World Championships will take the winners from the Splatoon European Championships, as well as winners from a soon to be announced online open tournament (hosted by BattleFly) for the US and Canada. There will also be open tournaments for Austrailia/New Zealand, and Japan. They will then go head to hear for an all out Inkling war at E3.

Check out the full press release after the break!


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European eShop Sale Springs into Action

Starting this Thursday until 5th April 2018, more than 140 titles on the Wii U, 3DS, and Switch eShops will be receiving some warming discounts for Spring (if it ever gets here!)

If you haven’t sprung into ARMS yet, now’s your chance with 33% off the title. Or maybe playing Breath of the Wild has you gasping for more Zelda, in which case, you can purchase The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D for nearly 50% off! With over 140 titles receiving some decent discounts, maybe you’ll find a new hidden gem in the vast selection of eShop games.

The full press release can be read after the break!


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Top Secret Sonic Racer R’s Revving Tease

SEGA was in attendance at the SXSW gaming panel over the weekend, and while closing up, the company had something to tease.

Other than that teaser and the fact SEGA have said it is not a sequel (sorry Sonic All Stars Racing fans), we have nothing to work from at the moment. Hopefully more details should reveal themselves by E3!

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Stay Off the Hook and Watch the Splatoon European Championships

Europe’s ultimate test to find the best Inkling squad is nearly here. On the 31st March 2018, Polymanga in Switzerland will be hosting the Splatoon European Championships 2018!

16 legendary teams from around Europe will enter the semi-finals on the 30th and 31st March, with only four entering the finals on the 31st to take home the glory. These teams include Team Mako and 4D from the UK, NinPlayers from Italy, and, of course, Splat Tim from Russia.

That’s not all! As a pre-final event, Inkopolis’ pop-idol duo, Pearl and Marina, will be performing in virtual form, accompanied by a live band, in the Off the Hook concert.

Check out the full press release after the break with info on where you can watch the events unfold live!


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NintyBuzz is Back Online!

Hello buzzers!

Today I thought I would let everyone know that NintyBuzz has now moved to a dedicated server, previously we were on a shared server.

But what does this mean?

Essentially the new server is a lot more secure, especially with the added SSL certificate. We have also done a bit of a cleanup behind the scenes, which means there should be faster loading times and less down time. Before there was constant MySQL errors, but hopefully the new server will be preventing this.


Before I go, I know it is a bit premature, but this years E3 Hub is now up and running, preparing for the ultimate gamer event in only two months time (and a bit). Expect more details over the coming weeks for the schedule and more!

That’s it for now

Until next time
Keep on buzzin’!
Leon Fletcher – NintyBuzz

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Nintendo Direct Summary – March 2018

Yesterday saw the first full length Nintendo Direct of 2018, and it certainly raised the bar somewhat for E3. It was an absolutely incredible Direct and if you didn’t get the chance to watch it, then we have you covered with a written overview of all that was announced!

Check them out right after the break.


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