NintyBuzz Awards 2016

WIN – The NintyBuzz Awards 2016 – Nominations

Another year is nearly over, and even though Nintendo has been a bit quieter with big releases compared to previous years, there were still a fair amount of games that deserve recognition.

The NintyBuzz Awards are back for 2016, and they are bigger than ever. There are now four new categories to vote in, and by nominating, you have a chance to win $50/£50 to spend on the Nintendo eShop!

Check out the categories and rules after the break!

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Title - Paper Mario: Color Splash

REVIEW – Paper Mario: Color Splash

After a month absence of gruelling away at university and other personal troubles, I’m back. Rather than give you all some paper thin excuses, I have a new review. While we have the constant debate on which spelling of colour is correct, Mario is back in an anything but flat adventure for Nintendo Wii U, Paper Mario: Color Splash!

Will Color Splash be a tear-rific new adventure for our two dimensional pal, or is it to be crumpled up and thrown into the nearest waste basket? Also, how many lame-nated puns could I possibly make… alright, I’ll stop now!

Check out the full review after the break!

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Rhythm Paradise Megamix Title

REVIEW – Rhythm Paradise Megamix

Get your groove on in the latest addition to the Rhythm Paradise franchise… Rhythm Paradise Megamix. It’s the ultimate collection of some of the best rhythm games from previous entries, with some new ones to boot. You’ll also encounter a mysterious being from Heaven World who needs help getting back, using the ultimate power of flow!

Does Rhythm Heaven Megamix flow to heavenly gods, or does it struggle to carry a tune? Find out after the break!

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Mario Party Star Rush Title

REVIEW – Mario Party Star Rush

Christmas is coming, and what’s better to celebrate than with a party. And what’s better to celebrate a party than with a Mario Party… well, depending on which one, a lot! Mario and friends are back in Mario Party Star Rush, where this time, everyone can move at the same time.

Is Mario still the centre of the party, or will Mario Party Star Rush crash hard (just like Tesco Value booze… don’t drink kids)? Check out the review, after the break!

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Up Close and Third Parties!

There’s a lot to get excited for today since Nintendo have revealed how they are switching up gameplay experiences once again with Nintendo Switch. I just got sent a couple images, one shows up the console and main controller up close, and the other shows just a sample of what third parties we can expect to see titles from on NX. These developers include Bethesda, Capcom, SEGA, Activision, DeNA, Ubisoft, and so much more!

Nintendo Switch Logo

Nintendo Switch Press Release

As most of you know, Nintendo just revealed Nintendo Switch (previously NX). As you can see, Nintendo are once again switching up gameplay experiences!

I already posted a little analysis article (can we really call it an analysis?), but for those wanting more juicy official details, we’ve compiled the entire press release about the reveal. Check it out after the break!

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Nintendo Switch Logo

Nintendo NX is Nintendo Switch!

Today is a glorious day for Nintendo fans everywhere, as we finally received the first ever look at Nintendo NX, which has been officially titled the Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo have once again opted for a fairly bizarre name, but already they have revealed some very exciting features. It has been rumoured for a while that the console will use cartridges, and that it will be a hybrid console. Both these rumours deemed to be true. It looks like there will be many different control schemes. There is a gamepad type controller which has two controller sticks that slot to the side. You can then travel around with the gamepad to play games on the move, some will also allow multiplayer on the move with one or two screens. Dock the gamepad into the console, and then you can enjoy the games in the comfort of your own home. It definitely looks like Nintendo will switch up gameplay once again!

We also had a glimpse of a few games which will be releasing on Switch, including a new NBA game, a new Mario game, and, surprisingly enough, even a Skyrim game. It also looks like the console will either be backwards compatible, or include ports of previous Wii U games, as seen by the Splatoon footage… or perhaps we are being treated to a Splatoon sequel… Spla-Two-oon anyone?

We do not know much more at the moment, though Nintendo do promise to host a proper reveal, which shouldn’t take too much longer as it seems Nintendo are sticking to their March 2017 release.