Now that we’ve had a few weeks to let the dust settle on the first wave of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s Booster Course Pass, it’s probably not long until we start hearing more about the next wave.

In anticipation of whenever that announcement may be, we asked the NintyBuzz community what tracks they would like to see in future waves and why.

Find out what they had to say in our debut Community Article, after the break!

Our Community Manager, Darren, had this to say:

I am really interested in what kinds of tracks we may get next in future waves, but my hope is that we will see Waluigi Pinball. It was definitely a memorable one from the Mario Kart DS era, and I have good memories of playing it with my friend in the shopping centre cafe while we read the new Official Nintendo Magazine.

HAZBOMi had quite a few tracks they’d like to see:

Toad’s Factory (Wii) was a fun track for me with all it’s interesting and fun gimmicks, and it’s not often we such industrial themed tracks in Mario Kart.

Wario Colosseum (GCN) is a track I can see the devs have a lot of fun with if they ever add anti-gravity sections to it, plus I’d love to see them go all out with it Gladiators-esqe theming.

Airship Fortress (DS) is a downright epic track, and I’d love to see what it would look like with Mario Kart 8’s graphics

And lastly Wuhu Loop/Maka Wuhu (3DS) for being some of the few tracks that are one big lap, plus it would be a cheeky way to add another non-Mario themed track to the game.

HPinder hopes to see this classic from the Wii:

Koopa Cape (Wii) was always a track I found fun. The jumps along the cliff, the rapids section and the underwater warp pipe at the end gave it a good mix of features and a flow that was fun to race on

Brainfog decided to go off-piste and wishes for a track from a completely different game, heck not even an actual game but you do you… also, if Mario Kart Tour can have tracks based on locations, why can’t Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:

Monaco grand prix (irl) i always thought this track looked amazing cause of the vista, come mk8 x f1 when?!

Zok may not be one with their words, but I too believe it would be cool to see this old gem return:

Choco Island 2

Last, but by no means least, we have f00had who’s gone a bit loopy for all the right reasons:

DS Rainbow Road cause loop-de-loops and corkscrews baby!

As for myself, I’d be thrilled to see that Waluigi Pinball return from DS, along with Double Dash’s Rainbow Road purely for the awesome music!

Are there any other courses you’d like to see return? Let us know in the comments, social media, or over on our Discord server!

Leon Fletcher

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