Yesterday evening, Numskull Games aired their first-ever Numskull Presents showcase, highlighting their line-up for the Q3 season on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

As usual, the video is embedded below, with a full summary after the break.

Big Brother is Watching

Numskull Games began the event by showcasing Ministry of Broadcast, a platforming adventure game where contestants compete in a morbid reality TV show to compete for their freedom… not too far from today then. Playing as Jack, you have been forcefully enrolled in the show. Your only objective is to get out alive to be able to see your family again.

The physical edition will launch for Nintendo Switch on the 4th September 2020. A special badge edition, containing two postcards and five metal pin badges will launch on the same day.

Epically Super

Super Epic tells the tale of a world taken over by an evil video game corporation in Metroidvania style. The title recently received the physical edition treatment, along with a badge edition that comes with six enamel pins of characters from the game.

Still on the fence? Be sure to check out Komodo’s review to see how it fared!


Management sim and potato fans come hand in hand in this ultimate collection. Whether you want to run a weapon shop, captain a space ship, become a chef in the underworld, or just admire in the beauty of spuddy culture, Holy Potatoes Compendium is here for you. The compilation includes Holy Potatoes: Weapon Shop, Holy Potatoes: We’re in Space, and Holy Potatoes: What the Hell, and will launch for Nintendo Switch later this year.

As usual, there is also a badge collection which contains two postcards and five pin badges.

Never Go Turbo… or do

Arcade racing fans rejoice as Numskull has announced that Horizon Chase Turbo is getting reproduced with reprints of its physical edition. Now couldn’t be a better time to relive your 90’s racing nostalgia from 2018.

Horizon Chase Turbo Physical Edition can be purchased now for Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Double Trouble… and nuts… and bolts

If you’re a fan of visual novels and robotic, then this may be worth keeping an eye on (synthetic or not). For the first time, both Robotics Notes Elite and Robotics Notes Dash will launch outside of Japan for Nintendo Switch and PS4. Both games will be included in a double pack and follow two different stories relating to the everyday mishaps of the robotics club, including how they save the world.

Robotics Notes Elite and Dash Double Pack will launch on the 16th October in a bog standard physical edition as well as a badge edition complete with four pin badges.

Sub for a Switch Lite

Concluding the presentation, Numskull also introduced the opportunity to win a Nintendo Switch Lite with a Numskull published game of their choice. To be in for a chance, you’ll need to subscribe to their email newsletter before Sunday 2nd August 2020.

And thus concludes the first Numskull Presents. There will be plenty more to come over the next months, but is there anything in particular that piqued your interested from July’s showcase? Let us know in the comments below or over on our social media channels.

To find out where you can order the featured games, just go to!

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