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Animal Crossing for NHS

By |May 4th, 2020|Animal Crossing|

Across the nation, NHS workers are working excruciatingly hard to aid in the relief of COVID-19. During these challenging times, nurses, doctors, social workers, and many more are putting their lives at risk to ensure the safety of the general public.

To show our support, we are asking those who own Animal Crossing New Horizons to send in their custom designs that are inspired by and celebrate all the work the NHS has achieved so far. Not only will these designs be available to view by all our readers, but we will also display a selection of them in an upcoming charity live-stream, where we will be clapping for the NHS in Animal Crossing. You can choose to donate towards our fundraiser, where we hope to raise money for the NHS Charities Together organisation to aid in the current relief efforts, send in a design, or both. We will also be contacting a few of those who donate to take part in the stream.

If you wish to show your support, you can find the form to donate and one to submit a design over at the Animal Crossing for NHS portal by clicking here! Be sure to tell your friends too by using the tag #AC4NHS.

Don’t forget: Stay home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives!

Not got a copy of New Horizons yet? Why not see what it’s all about in our review.

REVIEW – Animal Crossing New Horizons

By |May 1st, 2020|Animal Crossing, Nintendo Switch, Review|

First, you became a resident of a quaint town, then you became the mayor… now, for the first time ever, you’ll even be able to run your own island! In a world where we are currently unable to go outside unless absolutely necessary, Nintendo comes into the rescue by launching the latest Animal Crossing title for Nintendo Switch: New Horizons.

After more than a month of getting settled into my new island life, I am now ready to share my verdict on this long-awaited release. Check out what I thought after the break by clicking below.

New Horizons Await!
Review Overview

World Maker Update Revives Super Mario Maker 2

By |April 22nd, 2020|Nintendo, Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Maker|

In a surprise announcement this week, Nintendo unveiled the final major content update for Super Mario Maker 2! It went live today, giving creators and players several new excuses to fire up the creative platformer once again!

Make the jump to refresh yourself on what all has been added to the game in the 3.0 update!


NintyBeats – April 2020

By |April 11th, 2020|Features, Fire Emblem, Metroid, Metroid Prime, Nintendo, Nintendo Switch, Weekend NintyBeats, Xenoblade Chronicles|

The COVID-19 crisis has dampened our spirits one way or another. Lately, I’ve been needing music to energize and inspire me to accomplish the new challenges associated with this pandemic. Thankfully, there are a lot of really great Nintendo music tracks that make feel like I can take on any task ahead.


Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition – Thoughts and Speculation

By |March 30th, 2020|Features, Nintendo Switch, Xenoblade Chronicles|

With the newest Nintendo Direct Mini last week, which shadow dropped and took us all by surprise, we finally have a more definitive (pun coincidental) look at the much awaited remaster for 2010-12’s Xenoblade Chronicles. As a brief catchup for those unaware, Xenoblade Chronicles is a Wii game from Xenosaga/Baten Kaitos developer Monolith Soft that gained a major fan following after its regionally convoluted release in western territories, initially being localised for Europe only and eventually seeing a US release. Now it’s been remastered for the Switch in glorious high definition. The remaster/remake was revealed as the surprise “one more thing” in September 2019’s Nintendo Direct. So now that you’re caught up a little, let’s get to business with what we know so far!

Heads up! This article will be going into deep spoiler territory for Xenoblade Chronicles, as well as discussing late story elements from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. You have been warned.


Surprise March Nintendo Direct Mini Drops

By |March 26th, 2020|Nintendo, Nintendo Direct, Nintendo Switch|

Nintendo fans have been up in arms over when they might see a ‘proper’ Nintendo Direct, and after a few game-specific Directs, we finally got one. Nintendo surprise dropped a Nintendo Direct Mini this afternoon out of nowhere, which took many people by surprise.

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