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Discover New Games and Win a Switch Lite with Numskull Presents July 2020

By |July 21st, 2020|Nintendo, Nintendo Switch, Non-Nintendo|

Today, video game publisher Numskull Games will be introducing the first of a new video showcase series: Numskull Presents. During this nine-minute event, the publisher will showcase their current line-up of previously announced games for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 for the Q3 season. Though there will be no new reveals, it’s possible that Numskull will use the format to unveil new titles in the future.

In addition to the game news, there will also be an opportunity to win a Nintendo Switch Lite as well as a digital Numskull published game of your choice. The presentation will go live at 7pm BST on their YouTube channel, and we will be posting a summary of the event soon after.

Numskull Games’ PR and community Manager, Neil Flynn, had this to say:

I think people will really be surprised to see the games that we have coming to various platforms this year. While many of our top fans have seen these games before there will be others in the community who will be seeing some of these games for the first time so I am glad that we will be able to bring this entertaining and informative format to showcase some of the games that we have coming in 2020.

Nintendo Partner Showcase Direct Summary – July 2020

By |July 20th, 2020|Nintendo, Nintendo Direct|

Earlier today, Nintendo announced that a special Nintendo Direct Mini would be published, showcasing previously announced Nintendo Switch titles from their developer and publishing partners. Now the presentation is live, let us take a look at just what those eight and a half minutes included.

Check out the full video below, or click that fancy ‘Read More’ do-hickey to check out our full summary!


REVIEW – The Otterman Empire

By |July 17th, 2020|Review|

In otter space, no one can hear you scream… well, at least that’s what evil mastermind, Tiko, would like you to think. It’s time to gear up and buddy up in this manic party shooter as the Otterman Empire needs your help. Shoot down spacecrafts, blow up artilleries, and most importantly, look cute all while doing so.

Is The Otterman Empire as awesome as otters are cute, or would it just be best to let Tiko take over the world? Find out what we thought in our review, after the break!


Buccaneering RPG King of Seas Sails to Switch This Year

By |July 16th, 2020|Nintendo Switch|

Independent game studio, 3DClouds, today announced a brand new title that aims to bring the golden age of piracy to Nintendo Switch, among other platforms, in King of Seas. This buccaneering action RPG will launch later this Autumn where you can expect to become immersed in a world full of pirates, seafaring battles, and even hidden treasure. Avenging the death of your father, you’ll embark on an adventure across a procedurally generated world fighting mighty pirates, sailing treacherous waters, and becoming the King of Seas!

Check out the reveal trailer below, as well as an official press release and gallery after the break!


Treehouse Live July 2020

By |July 10th, 2020|Nintendo, Nintendo Direct, Nintendo Switch|

Later today, at 6pm BST to be exact, Nintendo will be hosting a brand new Treehouse Live Event. During the live presentation, Nintendo will be showcasing some brand new gameplay from Paper Mario: The Origami King a week before it launches on Nintendo Switch. This will then be followed by a reveal and gameplay from a brand new third party title developed by WayForward from an IP never worked on before by the developer.

Be sure to check out the live stream below, and check out our summary soon after.

PuyoGB Presents… Collision 2020

By |July 6th, 2020|Nintendo, Nintendo Switch, WIN!|

Many would probably tilt their head at the notion of puzzle games being involved in competitive eSports, but when the scene is filled with shooters and sports games, you can’t help but wonder if things are starting to feel a bit stale. Since PuyoGB was conceived after the the international success of Puyo Puyo Tetris in 2017, the group has lead the the UK’s community voice in bringing people together with the popular puzzling franchise. PuyoGB aims to work alongside tournament organisers, conventions, and interested sponsors to help bring Puyo Puyo and other similar games into the eSports scene.

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, PuyoGB has struggled as offline events are not allowed for the foreseeable future. Despite this, the group will be holding a completely online puzzle game convention: Collision!

From the 8th to 16th August, Collision will hold a variety of tournaments and side-events to residents of the United Kingdom and Ireland in collaboration with Nintendo Players UK. There will be four main tournaments, as well as a week of side-events, some of which also have prizes up for grabs… oh, you may also see myself helping out with some of the events too!

If you’re interested in competing, then be sure to hop on over to their announcement page for all the details.

If you’d like to know more info about PuyoGB themselves, then be sure to check out their website too!

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