It’s a staple for the typical ‘lads’ night in. Crack open a couple of cold ones, turn a pack of Doritos into a sharing bowl, and whack out a couple matches of FIFA… or at least that’s what I am told. I’m not a ‘lad’ so I never had the experience.

Either way, the latest instalment of the EA footy franchise, FIFA 18 is out now for the Nintendo Switch. Is FIFA 18 for Switch worthy of that cold, frosty, and probably alcoholic beverage, or is it a complete red card? Find out after the break… see, I can make sporty references!


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2018 Update

Hello folks, hope everyone has had a fantastic start to 2018 as well as a great holiday period. I thought I would quickly touch base on some the backstage going-ons of NintyBuzz.

Before I start, I just want to say that I will outright refuse to let NintyBuzz die, no matter how inactive I get, or what sticky situations I end up in, I will alway try my best to keep NintyBuzz going.

This brings me to my disappearance towards the end of 2017 up until a week ago. I’m always open with you wonderful lot, so I am going to say, simply put, my mental health had a significant dive. Anyone who suffers from depression and anxiety will understand how this can affect your motivation to do pretty much anything. This has also been coupled with the fact that university work has become quite intense as of late. Good news though, I am now taking steps to improve my wellbeing to try and become more stable.

This also means that there will be a bunch of reviews that will be going live for games which I have outstanding. Even though the reviews are late, who knows, maybe it will remind you of some hidden gems. When everything settles down a bit more, I also plan to start some good ol’ streaming to do as a bit of fun, so be sure to look out for that.

Additionally, I have recently created a Nintendo community situated in Bournemouth, where I will be hosting monthly gatherings for all the local Nintendo fans. We’re even hosting a Mario Kart tournament at Flirt Café next week, so if you’re down in Bournemouth then, then be sure to check out BourneNintendo.

Finally, I would just like to take a moment to say a massive thank you to everyone who still has a little check of NintyBuzz, everyone who has supported me in my down times, as well as a special thank you to the folks from Nintendo and Pretty Green who I have felt have been really understanding of my current situation.

Before I finish however, if anyone would like to help me out a bit, I am more than happy for anyone to do so, whether it’s writing a few articles here and there or just posting on the forums.

Until next time,
Keep on buzzin’!
Leon Fletcher

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REVIEW – Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 (Switch)

The Umbrian witch is back to kick some angelic demon as anywhere and anytime for the Nintendo Switch in Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2. Piece together your hazy memories and the history of your culture in the former, then rescue fellow witch, Jeanne, in the latter.

Does Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 have a climatic flair, or will it be stuck in Purgatorio? Find out in our review after the break!


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REVIEW – YO-KAI WATCH 2: Psychic Specters

Earlier in the year, YO-KAI WATCH 2: Bony Spirits and Fleshy Souls made its debut on European shores, inspiriting 3DS systems for a new adventure in Springdale. If you haven’t had enough YO-KAI WATCH, then you’re in luck, as a new entry into the sequel has entered the equation with Psychic Specters.

Is YO-KAI WATCH 2: Psychic Specters as tempting as Jinanyan’s Chocobars, or will it just force you to exclaim “Oh my swirls!” Find out in our review after the break.


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REVIEW – Pokkén Tournament DX

Back when the Wii U was a thing, a pretty good but poorly marketed thing that, Pokémon fans see what it would be like if Pokémon fought under a more action based situation in Pokkén Tournament. The promise of a brand new main series Pokémon game is coming to the Switch has very likely gotten Pokémon fans excited, and what’s better to fuel the excitement than a remake of the pretty decent spinoff.

Pokkén Tournament DX, will the included improvements make the release super effective, or is it more useless than an underdeveloped Magikarp flopping about? Find out in our late review (oh so late), after the break!


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REVIEW – Super Mario Odyssey

Here we go, off the rails
Don’t you know it’s time to raise our sails?
It’s freedom like you never knew

Pauline’s right, you know. Super Mario Odyssey really is freedom like you never knew… at least when it comes down to Mario games. Super Mario Odyssey is nearly here, Mario’s very first full blown adventure for the Nintendo Switch.

Soar from kingdom to kingdom in the Odyssey, collect hidden Power Moons, and stop Bowser’s maleficent weeding all while enjoying some rather snazzy and jazzy holiday destinations. I mean, who wouldn’t want to lay on the carbonated shore of Bubblaine?

Will Super Mario Odyssey be your 1-Up girl (or guy), or do Power Moons just not top Shine Sprites? Jump up in the air and find out in our review after the break! (I do wonder how many of you did actually jump up in the air)


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Note from the Editor – October 2017

Hey everyone, thought I would quickly post an update on what’s been happening recently.

As you may be aware, NintyBuzz has been pretty quiet over the past couple weeks, and this time with good explanation funnily enough. Towards the end of September, I happened to be a victim of fraud, which temporarily froze my cards, which meant I couldn’t renew my hosting costs. This led to NintyBuzz going down for a few days. Turns out, the reseller I was with also wasn’t able to pay their hosting costs and they seemed to not be responding to my emails and messages, so I then ended up paying the actual hosting company to extend it by a month.

Once we got back online however, all of a sudden I was completely blocked out from NintyBuzz, the only way I could access the site was pretty much at my local Starbucks. So I started to look for a new hosting company, bearing in mind I was also stressing out to the fact that I am having some pretty bad money issues at the moment, and my depression has been through the roof. I found a new host however, who are pretty cheap and seemed suitable for NintyBuzz at this time. Of course, I ended up running into various frustrations when transferring everything over (to be frank, SQL is pretty awful when it breaks).

The good news however, we are finally back online. Though I am getting fairly busy with university work, I am going to try my best to bring us back up to date, starting with dropping a couple of reviews I wrote locally over the weekend.

Unfortunately this means that I will have to postpone the Splatoon 2 Tournament until a later date when I have a more stable income, I deeply apologise for this.

I would, however, like to give a massive thanks to all those who have supported me recently, even if it’s just positive words, you do not realise how much it helps when motivation is at a minimum. I would also love to thank those at Nintendo and Pretty Green for being patient with us. And finally I would like to say thank you to all those who viewed our Super Mario Odyssey preview video, already it has gathered 10K views, which makes me happier than Happierre (there’s a hint for one of the reviews coming soon).

So, until next time,
Keep on Buzzin’!
Leon Fletcher

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