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It was an early Sunday morning, dew fresh on the ground and sleep encrusted upon my eyelids. There was no time to waste, as the final day of EGX lay ahead. Yes, we had the pleasure to attend one of the biggest gaming expos in the UK, full of various upcoming titles from many different developers for many different consoles, though of course, we mainly stayed in the Nintendo booth… scratch that, that was our home for the entire day!

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Nintendo of Europe Launches Hyrule Warriors eShop Sale

With the European release for Hyrule Warriors just around the corner, Nintendo UK have just announced a special discount promotion for Zelda games on the Nintendo eShop for both Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U. Starting this Thursday, a selection of Zelda games will receive a discount of up to 37% off every week for three weeks, leading up to the release of Hyrule Warriors!

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Hyrule Warriors Update Goes Live On Monday

A week ago it was announced that Hyrule Warriors will be receiving a new update to fix some pesky bugs and to add a brand new mode. Earlier today Tecmo-Koei revealed, via the Hyrule Warriors website, that the update goes live on Monday [1st September 2014], they also reveal the details of the update.

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Hyrule Warriors Patch And New Mode Underway

With Hyrule Warriors being released just over a week ago in Japan, gamers who have already got a hold of the title are already experiencing several technical issues. These range from frame rate drops to the game completely locking up, forcing the player to restart the system. Some of you from Western territories looking forward to Hyrule Warriors may start to grow concerned about these issues, possibly delaying your purchase of the game until it has been fixed. Well fear not as  Koei Tecmo have revealed via Twitter, that its first update is very near completion!

This update aims to fix as many bugs and glitches which have been discovered post-release. Not only that, but the new update will also feature a brand new game mode, what that mode entail though remains a mystery as they have not divulged any specific details. What do you think this game mode could be? Perhaps an online versus or co-op?

Hyrule Warriors was released on August 14th in Japan and is set to be released on September 19th in Europe, September 20th in Australia and September 26th in North America!

Translation courtesy of Nintendo Everything, WOO!

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New Hyrule Warriors Details Emerge

Hyrule Warriors details just keep rolling out, as soon as we think the game is going to be really awesome, Koei-Tecmo and Nintendo suddenly bombard us with new details to exceed our expectations. Japanese publication, Famitsu, have just revealed some new juicy details regarding Hyrule Warriors in their most recent issue. These details talk about the Gerudo Desert and Temple of the Sacred Sword stages as well as some information on the story, sealed weapons and a new[ish] enemy!

Scans and translations were provided by Nintendo Everything, thanks guys and gals!

Gerudo Desert

  • In the eastern area of Hyrule there is a rift called Death Valley that separates northern and southern areas
  • It is impossible to build a bridge across the gap
  • In front of that deep valley, there is a vast barren desert called Gerudo Desert
  • In the desert one can see traces of a barbaric civilization of long ago, like in the form of an execution site
  • There is also a village of the descendants of that civilization, Gerudo
  • Since an unusual event occurred in the world, monsters from various places drifted to the desert
  • Now due to their rampage, people can’t live there anymore since it has turned into the world of survival of the fittest

Temple of the Sacred Sword 

  • Located at the western end of Hyrule, inside a citadel city
  • The city once flourished, but several hundreds of years ago it faced raids of many monsters and and thus fell into ruin
  • In those ruins there are no longer signs of human or monster activity
  • In that crumbled area, there is a grand temple in the same figure as it was in the olden days; it seems like time had stopped at that spot
  • Inside that temple, there is a precious sword that many thieves have tried to draw out of its pedestal
  • yet no one has succeeded
  • With the years passing, eventually there was no one left to try stealing it so the sword and the crumbled city faded away from people’s memories

Story bits 

  • Ganondorf is plotting to take over the world with the help of Ghirahim and Zant
  • But do Cia and Ganondorf join forces? (semi-literal Famitsu translation)
  • Heroes will separate their forces when approaching the worlds that Cia summoned
  • Sheik and Impa head for the world of Ocarina of Time
  • Lana goes into the world of Twilight Princess
  • Link enters the world of Skyward Sword
  • Players can choose freely in which order they want to proceed into these worlds

Sealed weapons 

  • When controlling specific fortresses (areas), a treasure chest containing a sealed weapon may appear
  • Sealed weapons are different weapons with unique properties and visuals
  • Ex: normally Link wields his Knight’s Sword, but with sealed weapon you can unlock the superior White Sword
  • Once a sealed weapon is unlocked, it is also possible to obtain those weapons as weapon drops during a battle


  • Huge plant monster living in the wilderness
  • It can harden its skin to control evaporation and to protect itself from enemies
  • When Manhanndla toughens its skin it becomes hard as metal so you have to wait until it returns to green color again to deal damage
  • Below its body, there are small roots that serve as legs and thus it can move freely despite of being a plant
  • Although it is not the prettiest flower to look at, there is a beautiful crimson colored crystal inside its body


  • The potion shop’s selection will increase as you slay more golden skulltulas

Now Hyrule Warriors is starting to sound more awesome than ever, some of the details from the stages definitely show how much effort is being put into the game and not just making it a simple spin-off game. In fact, I am hoping that Nintendo decide to expand on some of these, or at least grab inspiration from the details they just revealed!

Hyrule Warriors is set to be released on August 14th in Japan, September 19th in Europe, September 20th in Australia and September 26th in North America!

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Hyrule Warriors Direct Video Now Live

Before the weekend, Nintendo announced a new Hyrule Warriors focused Nintendo Direct, it was aired earlier this morning and is now live. Check out the full video after the break along with an official roundup for those who can not sit still for 20 minutes. Also, if you sit through the entire video, you may see a couple exciting announcements… one of which is European Exclusive! (more…)

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Nintendo Outlines Wii U and 3DS Release Schedule For 2014

Every so often, Nintendo likes to give us a blowout of release dates, and it just so happens that we’ve got a new one.

Most dates are merely reitterations of those we heard about at E3, but there are a number of exciting games heading our way in the next few months – notably Fantasy Life, Smash Bros and Pokemon for 3DS alongside Bayonetta and Hyrule Warriors for Wii U. At the end of August, America will also at long last get their hands on the superb rollercoaster of emotion that is Layton vs Wright.

Splatoon, Zelda U, Star Fox, Xenoblade X, and Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. have all been confirmed for 2015, which should ensure that the games will keep on coming well into next year.

Check out the full schedule below!


There are several other interesting points to mention. Firstly, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker seems to have been delayed to Q1 2015 in Europe, though it still aims for a Holiday 2014 release in Japan and the US. Also, if you remember way back to 2013, you would have remembered a game called Brain Age: Concentration Training getting its release in Japan and the US, though the release date seemed to have disappeared for European territories. It now looks like the game hasn’t been completely forgotten by Nintendo of Europe as they have listed it but with an unknown release. This raises the question of what caused the game to be delayed by over two years in Europe? Perhaps that’s one of the training exercises.


That’s not all, Nintendo have also released a schedule with all the 3rd Party titles which are coming soon for 3DS and Wii U, though these do not have release dates listed.

3rd Party Schedule

It’s quite a big image so click it to see it in full!

What are you most excited for from this list? Tell us in the comments!

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