RUMOUR – New 3DS To be Released Mid-February?

With the Nintendo Direct airing later tomorrow, it has been predicted that we may hear an announcement on when the New Nintendo 3DS will be released in Europe and the US. It turns out this date may have just been leaked.


According to Megauap from NeoGAF, the above is a promotional poster for the New Nintendo 3DS stating that it will be released on the 13th February in the US. It seems that the poster could be legitimate with the Nintendo Direct tomorrow, meaning that, if it is true, retailers may start putting up posters like these directly after the stream. It is also interesting to note that the poster includes the box art for Majora’s Mask 3D and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Is it possible that these two titles will also be released on the 13th February? Only time will tell!

What do you think of the poster? Tell us in the comments below!

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New 3DS – New Model Big Hit in Japan

Last Saturday week saw the Japanese debut of the New 3DS and New 3DS XL, the new improved model of the 3DS family, and boy did it hit big in this first week

Find out why after the break!


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NintyBuzz @ EGX 2014

It was an early Sunday morning, dew fresh on the ground and sleep encrusted upon my eyelids. There was no time to waste, as the final day of EGX lay ahead. Yes, we had the pleasure to attend one of the biggest gaming expos in the UK, full of various upcoming titles from many different developers for many different consoles, though of course, we mainly stayed in the Nintendo booth… scratch that, that was our home for the entire day!

Check out our full experience from the event after the break!


Check Out Capcom’s Three Million Yen Felyne Statue

Recently, game developers have been going crazy for the anniversaries of their franchises. The Legend of Zelda Anniversary in 2011 saw The Symphony of the Goddess, a fantastic 4-movement orchestra of the greatest music from the franchise. Monster Hunters around the world rejoice as Capcom have recently announced a special product for Monster Hunter’s 10th anniversary, though this news may come with some dismay for fans who might not have a financial advantage… heck even fans who do have a financial advantage may be pissed off.



That beauty up there is a statue of a Felyne warrior [in a very suggestive pose] from the Monster Hunter franchise, weighing at 120g and measuring 55mm by 125mm by 90mm this spectacular statue will retail from an amazingly affordable price of ¥2,990,000 JPN, which works out to be roughly $29,089! Why is it so steep? Well, it’s only made of solid gold that’s all! No valuable collector’s item is complete without a certificate of authenticity, and luckily every statue sold will come with one.

Close Up Statue

That brings me to my next point. A collector’s item also would never be collectable unless it has a limited supply, and this statue will be very limited. The statue is only available to the first ten people who purchase it. If you are crazy enough to dish out that amount of money, then you can purchase it straight from Capcom here!

What do you think of the statue? Is it something you would be desperate to add to your collection? Or would you be able to carry on in life without it? Tell us in the comments!

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Get A Grip With Monster Hunter 4’s Extended Slide Pad

Think way back to 2011 when Monster Hunter 3G was released in Japan. Alongside Monster Hunter 3G, the Circle Pad Pro was also released, a peripheral which added a second Slide Pad as well as extra shoulder buttons on the 3DS system. This quickly became a must-buy product for owners of Monster Hunter 3G to make the game play similar to home console versions. With the release of Monster Hunter 4G gaining on the horizon [for Japan at least], the 3rd party manufacturer, Hori, aims to make the next instalment in the Monster Hunter franchise feel more like you are playing on a home console with the Extended Slide Pad Controller.



The aim of this accessory is to make the 3DS or 3DS XL feel like you are playing the game using a controller similar to the Wii U Pro Controller. One design feature I find a bit odd is how they placed the second Circle Pad on the left shoulder, instead of to the right side of the console, they have also put the ZL button on the side of the left grip. There will be two versions on release, one which can be used with the regular 3DS model, and larger version for use with the 3DS XL model, both retailing at ¥2,980 JPN ($30 approx).

The company will also be releasing an accessory kit which will include a cleaning cloth, wrist strap and a adhesive decal. The 3DS version will cost ¥2,180 JPN ($20 approx) and the 3DS XL version will cost ¥2,280 JPN ($23 approx).

Though a release date for these accessories have yet to be announced, I think it is safe to assume that they will be released alongside Monster Hunter 4G in Japan on the 11th October 2014.

There are currently no plans announced on a Western release, though I would definitely love to own some of these items. However the Extended Slide Pad Controller does make the 3DS console look a bit off in my personal opinion. What do you think of these accessories?

Source – SiliconEra

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Nintendo Direct Offers New Monster Hunter 4G Trailer

It was an RPG-fest in today’s Nintendo Direct, with RPG after RPG. They finished off the direct by revealing a brand new trailer for Monster Hunter 4G, which releases later this year in Japan!

The trailer showcases a whole load of content which would make any Monster Hunter fan proud. Beautiful sceneries, powerful weapons and menacing monsters galore in this glimpse of the game. Also, if you watch through the entire video, you might see a quirky surprise which the series is well known for.

Monster Hunter 4G will be released on Nintendo 3DS on the 11th October 2014 in Japan and in early 2015 in Western territories.

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