Last week we held a special giveaway to win a physical copy of Super Mario 3D All-Stars or £25 Nintendo eShop credit. To enter, all readers had to do was to tell us what their favourite piece of Mario music was and why. After a handful of entries, we are happy to announce our grand winner was Michael, and our runner up was Carlton. Congratulations on winning the competition.

Even though we could only have two winners, to show our appreciation to everyone who entered, we have compiled all your entries into this special ‘Readers Edition’ NintyBeats article.

Check out what some our readers’ favourite Mario music is after the break!

World 1 – 2 ~ Super Mario Bros. ~ NES (1985)

Quite simply the iconic underground music from the OG Super Mario bros first seen in level 1-2.

Not only is it an iconic tune that almost everyone knows…. Its also one of the very few pieces of music that soothed my daughter to sleep when she was teething

Thomas Armstrong

Overworld 2 ~ Super Mario Bros. 3 ~ NES (1988)

My favourite is the Overworld 2 music from Super Mario Bros. 3 that plays on even numbered levels (e.g. plays on level 1-2, 1-4…). It has a lot of energy and sets the pace for you to run through the level and get that star card at the end. Brings back lots of memories from my childhood 🙂

Michael (Winner)

Bob-Omb Battlefield ~ Super Mario 64 ~ N64 (1996)

My favourite track is Bob-Omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64, because I will never forget the feeling of adventure and a new world to explore in 3D that it evoked when I jumped through my first painting in the incredible N64 title…

Ralph Piggum

Rainbow Road ~ Mario Kart 64 ~ N64 (1996)

Best song has to be the rainbow road N64 theme, always fills me of memories of playing my fiance as it is her favourite track

Carlton Reece (Runner-up)

My fave song would have to be Rainbow Road ~ Mario Kart 64 ~ N64. I have always been a major Mario Kart fan and have absolutely played every game to death. There’s something about this track that just sort of makes me reminisce about my old experiences with the franchise

Zoe Waterman

Gusty Garden Galaxy ~ Super Mari Galaxy ~ Wii (2007)

I would say my favourite has to be Gusty Garden Galaxy. I think it was the moment I realised Mario and Nintendo had reclaimed the crown of making the best and most innovative games and the piece itself is so triumphant and really sets the tone for the remainder of the game

Duane Foster

My favourite is Gusty Garden Galaxy. This sublime piece of music showed what Nintendo could do with a fully orchestrated score. Its soaring themes perfectly match the out of this world gameplay in Super Mario Galaxy.

John Edwards

My favourite is Gusty Garden Galaxy because of the grand scale of the piece. The fact that it is also played during Grandmaster Galaxy from Galaxy 2 and Champion’s Road in 3D World also makes it feel even more epic in scale.

Jon Luke-Harrison

Excitebike Arena ~ Mario Kart 8 ~ Wii U (2014)

My favourite is the music for the hurdle track on Mario Kart 8 WiiU. But controversial I know! Second to that the spooky music in Luigus Mansion 3.

Freeman 1901

Rainbow Road (Retro N64 Remix) ~ Mario Kart 8 ~ Wii U (2014)

I think my personal favourite of these has to go to N64 Rainbow Road from MK64, it is just one of those tracks that you cry in tears of joy the first time you hear it, well, I did at least, but it’s just so soothing to listen to when stressed out. And I just want to mention that this somehow got topped in its MK8 Retro version, somehow!

Joe Griffiths

Jump Up, Super Star ~ Super Mario Odyssey ~ Switch (2017)

My favorite track is One Up Girl from Odyssey. It fits the overall theme of the game where it is one big grand adventure around the world and enjoying it all the way.

Mon Nou

And thus concludes our celebration of Mari music. We will, of course, be doing more NintyBeats features in the future, so if you have any other Nintendo music recommendations, give us a shout in the comments or on social media!

Leon Fletcher

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