Nintendo’s E3 2019 Direct is only a few days away, and the hype train is already chugging along. It’s the perfect time to build up our expectations with some pipe dream predictions (only for them to be busted on Tuesday), so that’s what we’re going to do. We’ve gone around asking our fabulous writers, as well as the equally lovely Nintendo community asking for their predictions for Tuesday, as well as for the rest of this year’s E3!

Check out their marvellous predictions after the break!

Eric’s Predictions

Let’s start with the predictions of our lovely writers. Eric’s are short and sweet, though he promises to go into more detail in an upcoming video. He believes that Retro Studios will announce their new title, which they have allegedly been working on for at least the past five years. In addition to this, he also has a sneaky suspicion that Nintendo will drop info on a new Paper Mario game, more info on all already announced 2019 games, as well as Banjo-Kazooie for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s second DLC fighter pack!

Eric has some good predictions there, with a bit of luck, most of them will come true!

Darren’s Predictions

Darren is really hoping for SNES titles to be added to the Nintendo Switch Online service, as well a possible Metroid Prime Trilogy reveal to fill that Metroid Prime 4 void. He also goes on making some predictions from Microsoft’s presentation, hoping for Perfect Dark, Fable, and possibly a Xbox Live and Nintendo Switch crossover! Check ’em out below:

I have a few predictions for E3 2019. For Nintendo, I think we will see SNES titles come to the growing library of games for Nintendo Online subscribers, in an attempt to make the service more enriched and appealing. In terms of larger titles, I expect to see the Metroid Prime Trilogy announced for the system with updated controls and visuals in preparation for Metroid Prime 4. Perhaps we will see Retro Studio’s other rumoured project, StarFox Racing. The dream announcement for me would be Metroid 5, created in collaboration between Mercury Steam and Nintendo.

Outside of Nintendo, I think we could see a new Perfect Dark and Fable announcement from Microsoft, and the Xbox Live service coming to Nintendo Switch. E3 can be somewhat unpredictable, so anything is possible, which continues to make E3 a very exciting time for gamers all around the world.

Leon’s Predictions

Now it’s my turn. This year I think will be pretty hard to predict. There are obviously some games, such as Animal Crossing and Luigi’s Mansion 3, which are almost guaranteed to appear on the schedule, but with the release schedule quieting down, it’s obvious Nintendo has some tricks up their sleeves.

I honestly think this is the year we will finally hear some more definitive news on Pikmin 4. Announced back in 2015, with infrequent reminders the game’s still in production, very little is known about Miyamoto’s pet project. Let’s hope Tuesday changes that. In addition to Pikmin 4, I’m in the same boat as Darren, and am hoping for a Metroid Prime Trilogy announcement. Not only would it be a perfect release to keep us busy until Metroid Prime 4, but it could also introduce a whole new generation to the story of the Prime series, preparing them for Prime 4.

Finally, I too believe that Microsoft and Nintendo may have some sort of collaboration planned that will come to light this week. There’s been a lot of talks over the past several months, and though that is no where near close to confirmed info, I definitely wouldn’t object to a collaboration… especially if it includes Banjo-Kazooie or Sea of Thieves!

The Community’s Predictions

As mentioned previously, we also went to the community, asking for their own Nintendo E3 predictions. Twitter’s giving me a lot of those Metroid vibes, with Metroid Prime Trilogy predictions, and PJBgamer seems to be clamouring for a new 2D Metroid… Metroid 5 perhaps? In addition to this, Roy, who I believe to own a tufty cello, is predicting that Bayonetta 3 and Smash Bros. DLC info will drop this week. All good predictions.

Over on the Facebook-sphere, there’s some Mario Kart 9 and new IP demands over from both Rebecca and Daibhidh. Con found last year a disappointment but may feel a bit better for some Zelda, Metroid, or Earthbound news, they also go on to say how more Wii U ports or remakes would be nice.

Clearly Dan has some good tastes and is hoping for Super Mario Galaxy 3, a brand new 3D Donkey Kong game, or a sequel to Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, while Wes is hoping for Banjo for Smash, Mario Kart 8 DLC, and Super Mario Odyssey DLC, while Alex has Zelda on the brain. Peter has a very interesting prediction of Witcher 3 with a Nintendo collaboration of sorts. Finally, check out this rather nifty bingo card that Miles conjured up.

There were so many predictions, I couldn’t simply include every single one, but a massive thank you to the Nintendo UK Community Facebook group, those on Twitter, as well as our lovely writers for providing your fantastic predictions.

There’s still time for some more predictions. Have any which aren’t listed above, why not pop them in the comments below, or over on our social media pages. Let’s see how many of them come true!

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