In preparation for the Skywalker Saga to end, what better way to catch up on the past 42 years of cinema history than pinball?

Star Wars Pinball, the first Star Wars game for Nintendo Switch, seems ready to ask and answer that question, and with all ten feature films, two animated shows and parsecs of lore hidden across 19 pinball tables, this game is filled further to the brim with canon Star Wars knowledge more than any other in this galaxy.

Zen Studios has been making pinball titles, as well as dungeon crawlers like Operencia: The Stolen Sun and strategy games, for years, and one of their four development teams has been hard at work making a multi-platform Star Wars title that all ages can gravitate toward. Company representatives showed NintyBuzz around the game’s pinball mechanics and attention to detail at the Electronic Entertainment Expo earlier this year.

Some of us remember the classic Star Wars tables from yesteryear, and Zen Studios is committing to the authenticity of what real-world tables look like at their best. Small 3D figures, flashing lights abound and thematic decorations adorn every single table, and each one of those has its own gimmick.

For example, one of The Last Jedi tables comes packed with a few balls going at once, reminiscent of the rocks Rey lifts at the end of the movie. Other tables represent the original films, prequels and the animated shows, including Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels.

Detail is the name of the game for this title, which launches later this month and will also get a physical release. From the iconic scores of John Williams booming through the tables and the effects of TIE Fighter laser fire sounding through boards to the pinball-based recreation of planets like Hoth, Ach-To and Tatooine, Star Wars Pinball is an audiovisual feast for dedicated Star Wars fans.

There’s also a galactic campaign mode that allows the player to choose between the Dark and Light. While that wasn’t specifically available during our E3 media appointment with the studio, it’s sure to bring more of the same arcade gameplay with an increased focus on trivia and continuity.

Certain grips that allow puzzle games to be played in handheld mode vertically are ideal for this game, and since Star Wars Pinball is a budget title, hardcore fans might want to pick up an extra peripheral to bolster what can easily turn into several hours of varied pinball action.

Star Wars Pinball releases for Nintendo Switch on September 13.

Eric Zavinski

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