Yesterday was a long day, and after being overwhelmed by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and making the seemingly bad choice of  catching up with Wayward Pines before bed, I am fully now rested and am able to share more goodies from Nintendo at E3… from other people, who were actually at E3.

Beyond the door to the wilds (i.e. after the break), there are various videos from Nintendo’s bustling E3 day. Be prepared for gameplay, booth tours, Zelda galore, all you have to do is click read more!

It wouldn’t be E3 without kicking of with an absolutely stunning trailer for the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.  It’s complete with lush landscapes, paragliding, climbing, crafting/cooking, magical powers, giant enemies, and even some ducks! You’ve never really seen Hyrule like this before.

Nintendo clearly went above and beyond with their booth, as shown by Nintendaan’s video. Before setting off into wild yonder, attendees are shown a different trailer to the one shown online. This one instead focuses mainly on gameplay, showing off some of the things everyone is able to experience on the show floor. Nintendo like to end things off with a bang however, once the video has ended, the wall stylishly lifts up, with a Nintendo rep waiting to bring everyone to the main Nintendo booth!

Up next, GameXplain shows us just what was beyond the mysterious wall. It was, of course, the Nintendo E3 2016 booth. Though Nintendo had only one game to show, funnily enough it was Zelda, they have clearly gone above an beyond. GameXplain were kind enough to publish a tour of Nintendo’s booth, which does a fantastic job of recreating the atmosphere from Breath of the Wild!

GameXplain are back again, this time showing us direct feed of the Breath of the Wild demo without any noise from the rest of the show floor. This is probably the most immersive experience non-E3 goers like us can get of the game, so it’s definitely worth checking it out.

Nintendo uploaded two other trailers during the stream, this time showcasing the new, beautifully designed Amiibo figures based off Breath of the Wild, and how the Wolf Link Amiibo will interact with the title.

It wasn’t all about Zelda though. Nintendo were also nice enough to share some brand new gameplay of the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon. During this segment, they talked about several new Pokémon, and a brand new free-for-all mode called Battel Royale.

It was mostly about Zelda though. Therefor we are finishing of this article with the entire stream of Nintendo Treehouse Live Day One (that’s eight whole hours of gameplay), as well as a small recap video for the more impatient!



Leon Fletcher

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