Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Season Pass Announced

As another day of Gamescom gets underway, Nintendo show no sign of slowing down, with demonstrations of Lola Pop from ARMS, a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournament and gameplay of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. In fact, they even had new information to share about the unique crossover title coming to the Nintendo Switch – in the form of a Season Pass.

Now, granted that a lot of the time, the idea of DLC really causes friction in the gaming community, but this one features enough content to warrant your attention.

Check out the details after the break!


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The Big E3 Round Up [Strong Language]

It’s happened again, the big corporate circle jerk that is E3, and all consumers can do is hope a bit of errant spunk flies from the circle and pleases them with a bit of salty distraction from the inexorable journey to the grave.
Maybe it’s just that I’ve turned incredibly cynical over the years of exposure to the games industry’s shit but I find it very difficult to be in any way excited for E3 since almost everything shown is either years off, hyped to the balls and could never live up to it or will look considerably more shit that in the carefully choreographed “gameplay trailer”. And even as the first conference started I felt myself thinking “Oh why did I say I’d do this.” A feeling that is never a positive thing, nor one that abated throughout the whole ordeal.
Nevertheless, here I am on the other side of the conferences feeling a mix of relief and mild disappointment that I wasn’t proven wrong in my thoughts. So for what it’s worth, here is my round up of the E3 conferences and my thoughts on the shit that it’s spawned (that may have given the game away…)


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RUMOUR: Amazon France Briefly Lists ZombiU Sequel for October 2015 Release

Here’s an interesting bit of news, Amazon France allegedly listed a ZombiU sequel for a 2015 release. According to JuexVideo, Amazon France stated that the game would be released on the 17th October 2015 and that it would be set in New York City. If the listing deems to be true, I think New York could be quite an interesting setting for the game… though I personally prefer the British theming!

One thing that doesn’t quite add up however, is the fact that the page lists Bandai Namco as the publisher instead of Ubisoft, who originally developed and published the predecessor. Even though I would absolutely love a sequel to ZombiU, I doubt that the listing is true, or even real seeing how it was removed around the same time the post was made.


If the listing does prove to be true, I just hope ZombiU 2 has a zombified Bono, as I will take a great pleasure to smash in that undead, smug head!

What do you think of the listing? Do you think it is true? Tell us in the comments below!

Source – JuexVideo

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Watch Dogs Wii U Lacks Screenshot Support

One of Ubisoft’s latest open world games, Watch Dogs, was recently released for the Nintendo Wii U after a long delay from its initial release on other consoles. From what we have seen online so far, it doesn’t actually look too bad… however, it seems to lack a certain feature. The ability to post screenshots to Miiverse.

According to users on Miiverse, the game doesn’t allow you to attach screenshots from the game in Miiverse posts, you can’t even upload them to the Nintnedo Image Sharing website using the Internet browser.

There is currently no word from Ubisoft on why they have disabled this feature, but we will update you all if there is.

Have you played Watch Dogs for Wii U? If so, what do you think of it? Tell us in the comments below!

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Apparently ‘Nintendo Customers Don’t Buy Assassin’s Creed’

During a recent interview between Game Informer and Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot, we were offered a detailed insight to what exactly the company [or at least the Ubisoft chief] sees within the Nintendo Wii U.

According to Yves Guillemot…

It’s very simple, what we see is that Nintendo customers don’t buy Assassin’s Creed. Last year, we sold in very small numbers.

I see two sides to this, firstly, I don’t find it wrong to stop publishing a franchise on a specific console due to lacking sales, however if they want a game to sell, then isn’t it kind of granted that they should put in a decent amount of effort to make the game attractive to potential customers. According to many critics, the Wii U version of Assassin’s Creed 3 and 4 felt like there was very little effort porting it to the console with unpolished edges, frame rate drops and more, they are both very terrific and beautiful games, but it was clear that Ubisoft just didn’t care much about the Wii U version.


Another factor worth mentioning is the fact that DLC wasn’t properly supported for the Wii U version. The Assassin’s Creed 3 DLC was published for Wii U, though it was released quite a while after the other consoles, and the DLC for Black Flag was completely absent from the Wii U version. Just because Ubisoft aren’t bringing Assassin’s Creed to Nintendo platforms anymore doesn’t necessarily mean they are ruling out Nintendo completely.

What we see is that they are very interested in Just Dance, very interested by other kinds of games, so what we are trying to do is to focus more on the types of games they are interested in.

Personally, I feel this is just a very broad generalisation, looking at video game sales, it is true that Just Dance 2014 [the most recent Just Dance title] sold most on a Nintendo console, but this was on the Nintendo Wii, the Wii U’s version sold pretty much similarly to the other versions. However I suppose it is good thing that Ubisoft are not completely forgetting about Nintendo, in fact Yves reconfirmed that they are still working on the Wii U version of Watch Dogs…

[Watch Dogs] is coming to Wii U, it will be the only mature game we publish on it.

So, how do you feel about this information? It would be interesting to see other people’s views on this matter so be sure to tell us about it in the comments below!

Feel free to read the rest of the interview here!

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