As another day of Gamescom gets underway, Nintendo show no sign of slowing down, with demonstrations of Lola Pop from ARMS, a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournament and gameplay of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. In fact, they even had new information to share about the unique crossover title coming to the Nintendo Switch – in the form of a Season Pass.

Now, granted that a lot of the time, the idea of DLC really causes friction in the gaming community, but this one features enough content to warrant your attention.

Check out the details after the break!

First of all and in time for launch, the first piece of DLC sees 8 new Steampunk style weapons added into the game. These guns will not be made available outside the Season Pass.

Secondly, in Fall, new single player and co-op maps will be added into the game. This will give players even more opportunities to cause some mayhem in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Finally, and importantly the most substantial of the DLC, next year the game will receive brand new story content. There is no further information from either Nintendo or Ubisoft regarding what this story content may entail but personally I’d love to see more craziness from the Rabbids, and maybe some love for other denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom. Waluigi Rabbid anyone?

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is available from August 29th for Nintendo Switch alongside this season pass – currently priced at $19.99.

SOURCE – Gamescom Live Video


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