Captain Toad to be Released Early in the UK

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, Nintendo’s new puzzle platformer for Wii U, was released at the beginning of December though it wouldn’t get released until a month later in Europe. However, it seems some retailers will be providing some Christmas joy by selling the game on Monday 21st December… some online retailers are even shipping from today!

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Tracker of Time – Captain Toad Was Originally a Zelda Prototype

According to Game Informer, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker director, Shinya Hiratake, dreamt of creating a game which were made up of small diorama-like levels, where that main character couldn’t jump. The player would, instead, have to move the camera around the level to help guide your character to the goal. This dream eventually lead itself to become Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker however, this dream actually started off staring Link, the main protagonist from The Legend of Zelda franchise.

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Captain Toad Treasure Tracker to Include 70+ Stages and a New Release Date

Today’s Nintendo Direct was definitely a fun one with many announcements, including the announcement of Majora’s Mask 3D! Nintendo also had some information regarding Captain Toad Treasure Tracker to announce.

It was announced that the game will be a host to over 70 unique levels. You can also unlock secret levels by completing a variety of different challenges, such as not letting any Shy Guys spot you in a certain level.

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