Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, Nintendo’s new puzzle platformer for Wii U, was released at the beginning of December though it wouldn’t get released until a month later in Europe. However, it seems some retailers will be providing some Christmas joy by selling the game on Monday 21st December… some online retailers are even shipping from today!

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It all started off yesterday, when customers who pre-ordered Captain Toad started to receive emails from GAME Retail Ltd. stating that their orders have been shipped. Also, the GAME mobile app changed the release date from 2nd January 2015 to 19th December 2014. GAME representatives finally told MCV that they are preparing for a ‘soft launch’ of the title from Monday 22nd December 2015. Finally, MCV was also told that ‘UK online retailers have now been given the nod to begin shipping Captain Toad as they see fit, ahead of the new UK launch date of Monday December 21st.’

Are you from the UK? Will you be getting Captain Toad for Christmas? Tell us in the comments below!

Thank you nintendo rules for the tip!

Leon Fletcher

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