Four giants, three days, two friends and one moon. Nintendo have teased us fans for the 3D Majora’s Mask remake, yet they were always very tight lipped on its existence. Today’s Nintendo Direct finally unbuttoned said lips to announce the remake with a release date of Spring 2015.

For those of you who do not know, Majora’s Mask was the almost-sequel to Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64. It was a sequel in the sense that it continued directly after the events of Ocarina of Time, yet it was very much different to its predecessor. You find yourself trapped in an ill-fated alternate world named Termina. There are several residents in dismay due to the chaos a certain figure has unleashed. A monkey is framed for the kidnapping of a Deku princess, a girl’s father has been turned into a Gibdo, and inn-keeper’s fiancé has been turned into a child days before their wedding… oh, did we mention that the moon is falling?

Check out the announcement trailer after the break!

It is up to Link to bring happiness back to Termina before the moon obliterates the land in three days. If only you had some sort of magical instrument which would allow you more time…

For those of you from Europe, there will also be a Special Edition to be had. This comes with a Special Edition Pin, a Double-Sided Poster and an exclusive Steelbook case. There is currently no word whether other territories will be receiving this edition but we will keep you updated


What did you think of this announcement? Is there anything you think the remake needs to fix? Tell us in the comments below!

Leon Fletcher

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