Just in time for second Christmas (aka E3) we at Nintybuzz have completely redesigned the site and forums for a much more modern look, including a smoother browsing experience. Not only that, but we have a brand new newsletter system in place rather than that archaic plain text one, which used to add strain on the server. Oh, now you can also subscribe and unsubscribe at any time too… no more sending me replies and then waiting a week to unsubscribe.

Most of the development for the new look has been completed, though there are still bits and pieces that may need to be fixed. So if you encounter any problems, do not worry too much, just let us know and we’ll try to fix it ASAP. Also, if you have any other general feedback on the site and forums, then feel free to send it our way.

Keep on buzzin’ everyone!

Leon Fletcher

I am a huge Nintendo fan, hence why NintyBuzz exists. I especially love all things Zelda and Metroid. NintyBuzz was started by me back in the Summer of 2014, it started out mainly as a hobby, though the site has gradually grown, and I hope it grows for many years to come!