The news is back, slightly late due to me being on holiday, meaning there will be no news next week, for now, enjoy this.

In this week’s news show we discuss the GOTG Telltale game trailer; Double Fine’s next game getting a release date; Blizzard giving away the original Starcraft for free; Elite Dangerous containing the Trappist – 1 system; the dropping profits of GAME; Mass Effect Andromeda’s physical sales, trans character and animations.

As always, my thanks to Leon for letting me host the news here on NintyBuzz and please feel free to check out my channel for more stuff every week.


Snowy Duffield

A lifelong gamer, weaned onto it from a young age through the Gameboy and gradually onto other platforms. I am now a mostly PC gamer but my pet franchise remains to be (somewhat appropriately) Pokémon.