Nintendo’s E3 event is nearly upon us, but before we begin, we thought we would look back at the many years of E3 and pick out our fondest. We’ve had our ups, our downs, and the right out bizarre, but we all have our favourite moments.

We asked our community, and they answered, and some of them were also lucky enough to win some Amiibo figures. Check out some of our fondest E3 memories after the break!

Let us begin with those who were lucky enough to be picked in our Amiibo draw, shall we.

Kirby's Epic Yarn

@Homer Fanboy was unraveling his memory back to when Kirby’s Epic Yarn was first announced:

Idk, but I was so hyped and just shocked when they announced Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

I was so obsessed with Kirby back then, and there hadn’t been a Kirby game on console since Air Ride, which seemed like forever ago. and after that cancelled Kirby game for GCN, I gave up hope.

But man, when I saw that announcement I just freaked out. I messaged all my friends about it over that Gmail chat thing 😛 . My 11-year old heart just couldn’t take it. It was probably my first E3 too, so there’s that.

More recently, I was of course super excited to see 3DS and Wii U reveals. But I was HYPED when I saw MK8, SSB4, and Splatoon(!!!!!!). Splatoon really got me.

@RedBomber was smashing with excitement with the reveal of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U:

I remember it like it was yesterday, E3 2013 when Super Smash Bros WiiU was revealed. At the time Animal Crossing: New Life was just released so there was a lot of hype around it especially on 3DS Buzz. They start off the reveal trailer with Villager getting a letter leaving us in confusion, we didn’t know what was going on and than…… BOOM! Smash Bros for WiiU! I remember the shoutbox was out of control at the time! 😀

@MrDarknessWolf is obviously another fan of the puffy, pink hero, as he remembers the Kirby: Return to Dreamland reveal:

I think it was the launch of Kirby Return of dreamland cuz kirby its my favorites game saries even if its like mario in the tematic of rescue peach ( not seems in the lastest games) and in kirby it’s like going around helping or fighting the villain cuz is fun and it remember me of a true game of kirby like in gameboy going around the doors and the abilities , the super ability’s it was so amazing , and even today it has new copy abilities that’s amazing

Congratulations to the above, you have received confirmation of your win. Unfortunately not everyone could win, but we will still share a few more great memories from our fantastic community.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

For example, @Lis4Real25 just couldn’t decide which one he liked the most, the 3DS reveal, Super Mario Galaxy 2 announcement, or the return of Snake in Metal Gear Solid V:

It’s hard to pick just one honestly. The unveiling of the 3DS when Iwata walked on stage and showed it off is a memorable one. Also my first experience with E3 being watching coverage on G4 and seeing the reveal of Super Mario Galaxy 2 which just blew my mind since I loved the original so much. Also last year revealing Final Fantasy VII Remaster was amazing, especially since it was on my list of games I was hoping would happen, but didn’t actually think would happen. And also the Metal Gear Solid V Nuclear trailer from E3 2014 is still amazing to watch.

@PuzzleMaster7 brings us the feels as he remembers Iwata’s final E3 appearance:

My fondest E3 memory has to be last year’s Star Fox Zero reveal. It was quite a sight to see Nintendo and the Jim Henson Company partner up to create an amazing skit. It was also one of the very last times we got to see Iwata before he passed away. Even though he was ill at the time, he still managed to leave a smile on my face.

@Kai went for a non-Nintendo memory, though we don’t care, especially when Final Fantasy is involved:

Mine was last year when they announced the Final Fantasy VII remake because I was planning to play the game since most people say that it’s one of the best Final Fantasy games. Can’t wait for the first episode to be released!

Pikmin 3

@Blarg went for a slightly different approach and instead remembers Nintendo’s lightheartedness in this surprisingly detailed memory:

“I feel just like a purple pikmin”

This moment was hilarious. Coming off the back of the Pikmin 3 demo, where energy levels will be dropping (as the gameplay finished) Reggie lifted everyone’s spirits with a funny gag. It easily outstripped the “my body is ready” statement by offering a touch of sentimentality and emotion, and a level of cognitive depth not seen since Shakespeare. This is why Nintendo’s E3s are the best – they’re not afraid to lighten the mood.

The hype levels of @XAIVER were clearly out of this word from his memory of Nintendo revealing the 3DS:

I think mine has to be back when the announced the 3DS. That was back in 2010.. (wow I feel old :P) The hype I had for that system was over 9000. To this day, I still have my original turquoise 3DS that I got on launch day. She’s put up with a lot, but still runs great.

Finally, @GenerlaCraezy shares a short but sweet memory, and talks about the reveal of Nintendo’s most recent home console:

Mine was hearing about the Wii U in 2012(?), since we finally got to know what it was all about 🙂

So, there we have it, those are some of our community’s fondest E3 memories! Remember, you can catch the entire Nintendo Treehouse Live event, as well as chat among our fantastic community, straight from our E3 2016 Hub from 5pm (BST).

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