The music of Nintendo games make them truly remarkable and memorable. To show our love of the music, every Friday we share a selection of tracks from various Nintendo titles, new and old.

“YOU’RE A KID NOW! YOU’RE A SQUID NOW! You’re a kid! You’re a squid! You’re a kid! You’re a squid!” It’s been a year since Splatoon sunk the conventions of a shooter game for Wii U, and to shellebrate, we are dedicating this week’s NintyBeats to the cephalopod fuelled action with it’s freshest tunes the world has ever seen… after the break!

Sucker Punch (Hightide Era) ~ Splatoon ~ Nintendo Wii U (2015)

I absolutely love this track, it feels so different from the rest, yet it still fits perfectly. It’s the perfect mix of a relaxing urban poppy track, especially love the use of the piano in this one. Perhaps this will be my next pet project on the piano!
Suggested by GarrettTheGamer!

I am Octavio (Final Boss Phase 1) ~ Splatoon ~ Nintendo Wii U (2015)

A fantastic piece for a fantastic fight. Got that techno, got that drum beat, got that turntable, got that… celery coral? Wha?!?! Hearing this track really does make you eel as if you have stumbled into a musical mad-cephalopod’s techno urban lair.

Eight-Legged Advance ~ Splatoon ~ Nintendo Wii U

I’ll probably never understand how the name was penned (or inked har har) but it’s a very awesome song and fits well with the trials, tribulations, and suckers ahead of you. You’ll hear this while playing several of the single player stages of the game, it’s there to keep you going, no matter the obstacle… it is even accompanied with, what sounds like, robot Octoling burps!

Split and Splat (Chirpy Chips) ~ Splatoon ~ Nintendo Wii U (2015)

I really wish the bands from Splatoon were real bands, I mean, who wouldn’t want to listen to a band called Chirpy Chips! I really can’t think of much else to say about this piece other than it’s awesome, and that certain parts kinda remind me of the classic Spyro games… though that may just be me!

Ink me up (Squid Sisters) ~ Splatoon ~ Nintendo Wii U (2015)

I love the Squid Sisters. I love Callie’s cheeriness and Marie’s sassiness, they really make kraken dynamic duo. You only hear this track while participating in turf wars during Splatfests, it really adds that more sense of excitement while splatting the place pink, blue, or whatever colour you’re dealt. Why not join in with the singing and dancing as you power up your almighty Super Kraken!

Now or Never (Splatfest) ~ Splatoon ~ Nintendo Wii U (2015)

You hear that? It’s nearly time to finish splatting, and it’s very nearly time for the last song of this week’s NintyBeats! Can you use your last 60 seconds to make an inkredible comeback, or are you flapping about like a fish out of water? Who will win? Only Judd knows!

Splatattack ~ Splatoon ~ Nintendo Wii U (2015)

It just wouldn’t be a Splatoon celebration without hearing it’s main theme. It’s bold, it’s gritty, it’s exciting, it’s fantastic! Could you even have a moray fitting tune for Splatoon? I sink not!

That’s it for another week of NintyBeats, Splatoon was released just a few days short of a year ago, and if you have yet to pick up the title, make sure to check out our breeming review here!

Until next time… STAY FRESH!



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