The music of Nintendo games make them truly remarkable and memorable. To show our love of the music, every Friday we share a selection of tracks from various Nintendo titles, new and old.

This week, we present three more Mario tunes, only this time from 3D entries! Bowser’s presence looms over these three tracks, which span from 1998 all the way to 2013!

Our first piece is from the first 3D Mario — Super Mario 64! This is the music which plays as you approach Bowser, and it is fittingly intimidating. It certainly sets the right mood, and helps motivate you as you launch yourself off the edge in a rush to reach Bowser.

Mario Galaxy 2 has a truly epic soundtrack, and this is one of the most epic tunes of them all. Galaxy 2’s levels are much more self-contained and linear than those in 64, and its epic music wills you to take on each new challenge.

Unlike our Mario 64 pick, this music gets you excited, rather than intimidated, about your showdown with Bowser. It represents only the first section of the level, building to the crecendo of your “final” battle.

So that wraps up another week’s NintyBeats! I hope you enjoyed the choices this time.

If you would like to have a certain piece featured next week, please post it in the comments!