Every week, Splatoon sees new content being added from new maps to new weapons. Next week, however, will be a bit different, who am I kidding, it will be a LOT different. Splat the date, as the 5th/6th August 2015 will introduce a massive update to keep the game fresh as ever.

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First things first, we are finally getting the ‘Friend Match’ mode we were promised a while ago, not only that, but we are getting two variations, ‘Squad Battle’ and ‘Private Battle’. Squad Battles will allow you to team up with there other friends online in Ranked Battles against an opposing squad of strangers. Private Battles are just for your best pals. This mode offers plenty of customisations for you and up to seven other friends to splat it up a notch in private battles. You can choose your favourite maps, rules and weapons. If you don’t have many friends with Wii U consoles and Splatoon never fear as you can play 1v1, 4v4 and everything in-between!

Level and Rank caps will also be extended in this new update. Previously, you could only achieve up to level 20 or A+ Ranks, but after the update, you’ll be able to reach further heights as the caps are now at level 50 and S+ Ranks.


The weapon variation will also be expanded. The new update will add 2 brand new weapon types, the Sloshers and the Splatlings. The Sloshers are bucket-like weapons which allow you to chuck your ink in a straight line with impressive range! Change the angle of your aim and you could splat Inkling high up or even those hiding behind a wall. Splatlings are of a gatling style and allow you to make powerful charge shots. Not only does the update add new weapon types, but it also adds a total of 40 new pieces of gear, ensuring you’re the freshest squid in town!

This August update isn’t the end of the regular content updates however, Nintendo still aim to bring Splatoon brand new free content through the rest of the Summer until Winter (at the least).

What are you looking forward to the most in this massive update? What else do you want added (other than Voice Chat)? Tell us in the comments below!

SOURCE – Nintendo

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