The music of Nintendo games make them truly remarkable and memorable. To show our love of the music, every Friday we share a selection of tracks from various Nintendo titles, new and old.
This week’s NintyBeats features upbeat, bouncy music from 1986 all the way to 2014! Well, strictly speaking, ONLY those particular years. …And the 1986 one was only available in Japan until… 2014. Ahem. 2014 special, everyone!

The only reason Trophy Rush is a fun and worthwhile mode (unless you’re shooting for all the trophies) is this music. There are over one million versions of the main theme featured in the game (probably close, anyway) and this one somehow stands out.

I’m not saying that this game needs a Kid Icarus: Uprising style reboot. This music just asked me to pass on that message, and I’m just being polite. C’mon Nintendo, nobody is really bothered about Metroid. All we want is a new Murasame Castle. Seriously, cancel Metroid forever to make this game. Everyone will love you.

The original Super Mario Land’s theme is already a catchy and iconic piece, but an incredible new medley of the title’s tunes was snuck into one of last years most mediocre-looking games. In fact, the whole soundtrack is fantastic, so if your craving for Nintendo music is still unquenched, click here for the full playlist.

So that wraps up another week’s NintyBeats! I hope you enjoyed the choices this time.

If you would like to have a certain piece featured next week, please post it in the comments!