Well, the presentation is now over and it was… interesting. It started out with some amazing announcements, but then quickly become less exciting, or at least it did for me. Either way, it doesn’t feel like it was a proper E3 presentation in my eyes, it wasn’t even as long as the other presentations!

Check out what the even included with my opinions after the break!

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Star Fox: Zero – Wii U

Nintendo started the presentation with a blast… or should I say barrel roll, as they introduced Star Fox Zero. I am absolutely psyched for this game as I was a huge fan of Lylat Wars (as it was called in the UK). Not many details were revealed other than a gameplay trailer. As it was said last year, players use the GamePad screen to look through the cockpit or your Arwing and use the gyro controls to aim whereas the TV screen shows the world and cinematics. It was also announced that Star Fox Zero should released just in time for Christmas this year!

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Skylanders Super Charged x Amiibo – Wii U

It looks like both Activision and Nintendo will be teaming up to an extent in the next Skylanders title. Activision will be creating super charged Nintendo toys for Skylanders Super Charged which will perform powerful actions and, above all, look super awesome. That’s not all however, you can actually twist the base of the toy to turn it into an Amiibo to use in other games and vice versa. I’ve never played a Skylanders game, but this looks like a pretty neat idea to introduce Nintendo characters as well as making an Amiibo and Skylanders toy in one! Skylanders Super Charged will be released on the 20th September 2015.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes – 3DS

This is definitely one of the highlights of the show. A new Zelda game was announced which is in the same style at A Link Between Worlds however, this time, there is three player online co-op… it sounds a bit similar to a part of one of my previous Fan Concept ideas. Fashion will play a big role in the game as each outfit you wear adds different attributes to your Link. A cool feature is the Totem Time, where each player can create a totem poll to solve devious puzzles. I am incredibly excited for this title, especially since it is the first co-op Zelda game since Four Swords Adventures and it will include both local and online multiplayer. Tri Force Heroes will be released during Autumn 2015.

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The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors Legends – 3DS

Though it has already been announced, Nintendo briefly showed off the Hyrule Warriors port for Nintendo 3DS, which includes new characters Tetra an The King of Red Lions and new stages. Personally, I’m not terribly hyped about this game, mainly because I could imagine getting hand ache on a smaller controller, it already looks amazing on the Wii U, and it doesn’t look like it has enough new content… though that could change. This will be released during Q1 2016.

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Metroid Prime: Federation Force and Metroid Prime: Blastball – 3DS

This is a pretty interesting entry into the Metroid Prime series. Federation Force offers a range of missions to tackle co-operatively either locally or online in the Metroid Prime Universe. There is then a competitive mode for up to six players, Blastball, which acts a bit like football (or soccer), except the ball is a heck of a lot bigger and you use lasers to ‘kick’ the ball. I really want to like the look of this game, but it’s supposed to be Metroid Prime! It isn’t supposed to look cartoony, it has to look more serious! If Prime Hunters could do that, why can’t this. It could be because this is a game from Next Level Games and not Retro Studios. Either way, I’ll probably get it when it blasts onto 3DS in 2016 as it does look quite fun.

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Fire Emblem Fates – 3DS

I’ll be honest, I generally do not follow the Fire Emblem games, though this one does look interesting. We get to see the new trailer as well as learn that it will be released in 2016!

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Genei Ibun Roku #FE – Wii U

I’ll be honest (I shouldn’t say that all the time… we should be honest, always), but I had absolutely no fricking idea what the heck was happening with this trailer… I didn’t even know the name until I researched it just now. All I’m going to say, is that it looks entertaining, and you can play it in 2016!

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Xenoblade Chronicles X – Wii U

Pretty much a new trailer and a western release date of 4th December 2015. I’m pretty excited for Xenoblade X and it’s still looking as beautiful as ever… can December hurry up please!

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Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer – 3DS

This Animal Crossing spin-off was announced a couple months ago which see’s players entering the interior design profession, helping residents create the happiest home. It looks like a pretty cute little title and takes use of Amiibo Cards. Should be interesting to play from the 24th September 2015.

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Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival – 3DS

This is where Nintendo took a bit of a dive for me. Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival essentially looks like a Animal Crossing Mario Party clone without the mini-games which requires an Amiibo for each player… I could be wrong however. One of our writers, Sam, seems to think that Amiibo Festival could be part of the Fortune Street series of games which looks basic but involves some pretty deep strategy, I guess we shall find out during the Christmas period this year!

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Yoshi’s Woolly World – Wii U

Not much new about the game was announced, though now we know our American friend can unwind to the title on the 16th October 2015! I am currently working on my review of the game, and so far I am loving it, and I think a lot of you will love it too… but more about that next week!

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Yo-kai Watch – 3DS

We finally get a date of when the RPG will be released in the west, and that will be during the Christmas period this year! I haven’t been following the game that much, though from what I saw today, I have to say, I am quite intrigued.

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Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam – 3DS

Could this be? Mario and Luigi and Paper Mario mixing? Yes, it is. For the first time the worlds of these two games will clash in Paper Jam. Though Paper Mario Sticker Star wasn’t the best Paper Mario game (don’t even say the name to Sam unless you want CRJ torture) I actually really liked Mario and Luigi: Dream Team Bros., so I have high hopes for this game, hoping Paper Mario could learn a thing or two from Mario and Luigi… I better say when you can start playing it before I rip apart the space-time continuum. Mario and Luigi and Paper Mario will join forces during early 2016!

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Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash – Wii U

A new Mario Tennis game was announced today. The only gameplay we saw was set on a generic court, but I am sure there will be plenty of gimmick courts and more fun modes. This instalment introduces the Mega Shroom from New Super Mario Bros. which will cause characters to grow to a ridiculous size. I am currently neutral on this title, mainly because not much has been announced. I’m one of those gamers who loves the gimmicks of sporting games, so once those have been announced then I may be psyched for the game! But until then, you can expect to hit the courts of Mushroom Kingdom again during the Christmas period of this year!

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Super Mario Maker – Wii U

More Mario Maker was shown to finish off the presentation. It was announced that when you use an Amiibo, a Super Mushroom that pops out from a block will turn Mario into a version of that Amiibo character. 8-Bit Mario Amiibo was also announced, this make Mario huge and makes some fun tweaks to the visuals. I am already hyped enough for this game so this just doesn’t have any more room for me to cope with… luckily I can relieve the hype on the 11th September 2015! A special booklet will be included

Final Notes

Okay, so after writing the event up, maybe it wasn’t as bad as I initially thought, though I wouldn’t say it blew me away like previous years… or Fallout 4! I think the problem mainly came down to the planning of the presentation, they had the games, but the didn’t really speak about them much and very few were worth hyping over about. Though the Digital Event didn’t live up to the hype, E3 isn’t quite finished yet. Nintendo are currently airing Nintendo Treehouse Live, and are doing so until Thursday. If you remember last year, Nintendo did make some surprise announcements after their main presentation, like S.T.E.A.M and Devil’s Third, so we could see a few more announcements this week. Also, as the Metroid Prime Spin-Off was made by Next Level Games and not Retro Studios, Retro could still make an announcement on their unannounced Wii U title. Finally many people believe that Nintendo could possibly be holding back on really exciting announcements to make at next years E3 to coincide with the NX reveal… but only time will tell!

So, what did you think of Nintendo’s E3 presentation this year? Which games are you looking forward to? Tell us in the comments below!

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