Welcome to our newest [well, first] feature, named Fan Concept. In Fan Concept we will showcase a concept for a video game created by either one of us writers, readers… or just a random concept we think looks interesting (of course giving credit where credit is due). Please bear in mind that there isn’t really a schedule for this feature, though I will try my best to bring you lovely readers at least one Fan Concept a month (you can send in your own too at the bottom of the article).  So let’s get our first Fan Concept going. Today’s concept comes from me!

Hyrule Colosseum

Hyrule Colosseum


I was recently talking to a mate about recent Zelda games and how we wished that they would utilise multiplayer like previous games. So I was thinking, what if Nintendo came out with a 3DSWare title which focuses on Multiplayer. I thought it would be awesome for a £10 (or free with in-game purchases for modes, stages etc.) game to be available. It could include several multiplayer modes (both online and local). Here’s an overview of modes it could have.

The Concept
I was thinking the mode select can take place in the lobby of the colosseum rather than just listed on one screen, with some secrets which could be found in the explorable area. All the modes can earn you Rupees which can be used to unlock + Rules for modes, a selection of music to be available from the Jukebox, Costumes (some with special abilities) and other nifty nicknacks.

Now for the game modes!

Shadow Duel
Similar to the Shadow Link Battles in A Link Between Worlds, you play as Link and an opponent plays as Shadow Link. The big difference in this one is that there are a range stages with all sorts of traps to aid or hinder your battle. Also, if you are not quite into battling or want to look at strategies, up to eight other people can observe the match, you can also place bets with Rupees (which you can use to purchase in-game content) on the match. The-Legend-of-Zelda-A-Link-Between-Worlds Shadow Battle
Very similar to the mode with the same title in Four Swords Adventure though with brand new stages, traps and items. Also, the bottom screen can be used like the GBA screen when you enter a cave or building.

Shadow Battle +
This mode has various Rules which could be appended to a match. These could be rules like allowing enemies on the stage to make things more difficult (appropriate enemies will be added to matching courses such as ReDeads for a Shadow Course or Deku Scrubs on a Forest level), ability to control an enemy after death, stage specific last minute phase (like the hurry up phase in Bomberman 64 Multiplayer), no weapons and can only use traps etc. Also includes a Co-Op version

Treasure Trackers
One mode which got cut from the Western release of Four Swords Adventure was Navi Trackers. In this game, multiple players use a combination of the television screen and Game Boy Advances to search for members of Tetra’s pirate crew to gain as many stamps as possible within a given time limit. Action takes place on the Game Boy Advance used by each player, with the television screen showing a basic map and Tetra narrating the action. A single-player mode is also available, which allows players to either collect alone or compete against Tingle. Treasure Trackers would essentially be that mode though with the 3DS screens instead. In some ways it is similar to Super Smash Bros. 3DS’ Smash Run! Navi_Trackers Dungeon Race
A randomly generated dungeon of a chosen theme is created and up to four players race each other to complete. These dungeons should take on average from 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Every dungeon will include various puzzles, a mini-boss and a boss. You can choose to use up to 3 different items out of 6. These 6 of these items will be different depending on the theme of the dungeon, the dungeon can be completed using any of these items, but your choice will change the path you take so there will be some strategy making involved. Shadow Link chases trailing opponents who are taking too long. (Bosses and Mini-Bosees can be turned off)

Dungeon Race +
Larger dungeons can be made (up to 30 mins average completion time), other players have the ability to hinder opponents by adding random traps and enemies etc., Co-Op Mode available. Wall Masters will follow players in most rooms to keep them on their toes if this option is turned on, if caught, player will be sent back by three rooms and reset these rooms.
Dungeon_(The_Legend_of_Zelda) ?

Your team work is put to the test as hordes of monsters are pitted against you in an arena of your choice. There are four items to choose from (each round has a different selection), but each player can only choose one item (two if there are only two players). Players can choose either 1 to 10 Minute Battle, 100 Monster Battle or Battle to the Death (the battle ends as soon as all players have fallen). Stronger enemies are spawned as more enemies are defeated. Both generic and themed enemies are spawned. HYRULE-002 Guardian Pursuit 
One player plays as a Guardian (from Phantom Hourglass/Spirit Tracks) and the other characters as Link. The Guardian have to hunt down the Links while they attempt to collect all the Tears of Light to banish the Guardian. The arenas in this mode are very large. Only three Tears of Light can be spawned at a time. Players are given a 10 second head start to get away from the Guardian. You can choose to have to collect 5 Tears, 10 Tears, 25 Tears or 50 Tears. This could also include Skyward Sword theming with the very menacing looking guardians! Guardian  That’s it for this edition of Fan Concept. What do you think of Hyrule Colosseum? What would you modify? How bad do you want to see this game in reality? Also, feel free to send in your own concepts to fanconcept@nintybuzz.com complete with pictures (can be relevant screenshots from a real game or your own artwork).

Leon Fletcher

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