Sheik is a very mysterious being. He may seem like the last member of the Sheikah race, but maybe he isn’t telling us everything… Just maybe he really isn’t Sheik… or a man! A while ago it was announced that Sheik would be appearing as a playable character in Hyrule Warriors, and today we get to see him in some action against the undead… isn’t that cute, those Stalchildren are wearing little helmets, not that it would help to defend them from the power of Sheik’s harp!

Seems like Sheik is equipped with some crazy ass weaponry. A sword and a harp may not seem like much, but if you know how to put them to use they could aid you to take the world by force. Of course Sheik is skilled with swordplay, though it is music in which he thrives. If you listen carefully, you can hear mini melodies that Sheik plays on his harp, each one releasing a devastating power against his foes. The Bolero of Fire will cause fiery brimstone to rain down, the Serenade of Water will summon ferocious whirlpools for a watery grave, and the Nocturne of Shadow will create a shadowy vortex to bring a hell that even Stalchildren fear! There are still plenty of other songs to play at your disposal though…

Hyrule Warriors is set to be released on August 14th in Japan, September 19th in Europe, September 20th in Australia and September 26th in North America!

Note – I apologise, but unfortunately Chris has fallen ill so the Hyrule Warriors Detailed Blowout I promised yesterday will be delayed.

Leon Fletcher

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