Fans of retro inspired games rejoice, because there’s another adventure on its way to both Wii U and 3DS in the form of Midora! Described on its kickstarter page as a “90s inspired action-adventure” and “a love letter to the classic 2D action-adventure games, like The Legend of Zelda or Secret of Mana” this could be another great indie release to keep your eyes out for when it releases – the current target is January 2015.

At the time of writing it had achieved just over $67,500 of its initial $60,000 goal, and although Wii U and 3DS are listed as stretch goals, that target is only to accelerate the porting proccess. There’s still a few hours left to back the project too, so if you fancy it head on over to the project page and put down $10 for a copy of the game on the platform of your choice!