In just over an hour, the very first E3 conference will kick off, signifying the first day of E3 (officially speaking the first day is Tuesday, but you know…)

Below we have compiled an easy to follow schedule for all E3 2018 shenanigans to ensure that you know what dates and times to jot down in your diary. These will also be available to view on our E3 2018 hub!

Check it out after the break.

  • Saturday 9th June 2018
    • EA Conference – 11am PDT/2pm EDT/7pm BST
  • Sunday 10th June 2018
    • Microsoft Conference – 1pm PDT/4pm EDT/9pm BST
    • Bethesda Conference – 6:30pm PDT/9:30pm EDT/2:30am BST (Monday)
  • Monday 11th June 2018
    • Square Enix Conference – 10am PDT/1pm EDT/6pm BST
    • Ubisoft Conference – 1pm PDT/4pm EDT/9pm BST
    • PC Gaming Show – 3pm PDT/6pm EDT/11pm BST
    • Sony Conference – 6pm PDT/9pm EDT/2am BST (Tuesday)
  • Tuesday 12th June 2018
    • Nintendo Direct: E3 2018 – 9am PDT/12 noon EDT/5pm BST

You’l be able to find the Nintendo stream embedded in the E3 Hub, everywhere else can be streamed on sites like IGN and Gamespot!

Leon Fletcher

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