Amongst the incredible variety of new features that Ruby and Sapphire introduced to the Pokemon series was the secret base – a personal, customisable cavern that the player could claim in a number of locations across Hoenn. Thankfully, they are back in the best way possible – and this time they’re super secret!

They’ll function in much the same way as before, but with some exciting bonus features. Rather than being limited to visiting the bases of friends who you’ve linked with via cable, they’ll now be shared over streetpass and/or by QR code.


When you visit another player’s secret base you’ll still be able to battle them like in the original, but can now scout them out as a ‘secret pal’ and bring them back to your own base as an NPC.

This new functionality sounds superb and is only going to make the wait until November even less bearable! Still, let’s hope that we’ll hear about more returning features soon – a return to the original contest rules please!

What would you like to come back?