Yesterday, Japanese publication, Famitsu, teased via Twitter that there would be a character reveal for Hyrule Warriors in the newest edition of their magazine. Well, the day has come for the next issue and they weren’t lying as they revealed that Link’s aide from Skyward Sword, Fi, will make an appearance as a playable character in Hyrule Warriors.

Fi Famitsu

Unfortunately the only scan available from the double page spread is very small so it is very hard to make out, but hopefully some bigger scans will come in soon. Along with the news of Fi being a playable character, there were also some other neat titbits revealed. It seems that both Link and Zelda will be able to wear their Skyward Sword outfits, though it is currently unknown if this can be chosen by the player or if it is only in certain levels. The ball and chain from Twilight Princess also makes a return, as well as Ghirahim and The Imprisoned from Skyward Sword.

Thank you to NeoGAF member L~A for posting the scan!

Hyrule Warriors is set to be released on August 14th in Japan, September 19th in Europe, September 20th in Australia and September 26th in North America!

Leon Fletcher

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