Each new day brings with it a brand new Super Smash Bros shot, so here are your screenshots for both the 3rd and 4th July!

First up is fan favourite Mega Man, who is looking rather good on Wii U:


Mega Man.EXE and Mega Man Volnutt!! They only appear for a split second, but the modeling is so detailed.

Then we have another great 3rd party character – PacMan! The screenshot is of an exciting looking Pac-Maze stage:



Pac-Maze is a stage exclusive to the 3DS version, created in the Pac-Man motif. If you eat 100 Pac-Dots, Power Pellets will appear in your color. If you eat a Power Pellet, the monsters will become vulnerable and you can defeat them just by touching them. An important point is that the monsters will become vulnerable only on your screen, which means that they can still damage your opponents!! This is one of the unique game features only possible in the 3DS version.