The final week is halfway over, with just three days until Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches for Nintendo Switch. There are quite a few fantastic looking newcomers in Ultimate, there’s a lot of opportunity on who to main.

In today’s countdown to smash, I will be talking about three newcomers I am looking forward to use in Smash Bros. Ultimate. Check it out after the break!


I’ve actually already played the Inkling a bit, back in the demo shown at Nintendo UK VS Live. I really love how the character plays. Inkling feels like quite a light to mid-set character actually, and it’s a lot of fun to use.

Inkling has several powerful moves, my favourite being the splat bomb. I found myself lobbing a bomb into the air, hoping for some poor, unfortunate soul to walk under as it falls. Many of their moves will also cover platforms or characters in ink. Anyone who passes ink will be slowed down, and anyone covered in the goop will take more damage from attacks.

To bring their moves to level though, ink is also a limiting factor! Like in Splatoon, Inkling will require ink for most of their attacks. Once you are out of ink, you can’t perform certain attacks, and you’ll need to refuel. This may leave you vulnerable for a moment.

I believe all of this makes Inkling a very well balanced character. They have some powerful moves, yet there are limiting factors that stop them being OP. Inkling should be very interesting to play as and to watch.


Okay, the main reason Ridley is on here is because it’s fricking Ridley! I mean c’mon, he’s a pretty badass looking dragon/space pirate/thing.

Other than looks, he also seems like a fairly interesting character moves-wise. For one, even though he is a heavy-set character, he also seems to be very mobile. He’s fairly quick on the ground, and doesn’t seem to be too bad in the air either.

I especially love the look of the skewering attack he can do with his tail. Usually the attack would do a small amount of damage, however if the point of the tail connects, not only will the victim falter, but they will also receive a huge amount of damage. It may be a risky move, but the payoff is great!

Ridley seems like he might be a powerful enemy, but only if you know how to use him properly, similar to Ganondorf.

King K. Rool

I’ll be honest, it definitely looks like King K. Rool may be one of the hardest characters to grasp, but so satisfying to do. Plus that physique… DAYYYUUUMMM!

It’s probably safe to assume that his move to deflect attacks with his gut armour is the sexiest move in the franchise. That belly thrust in his dash attack is also nothing to be snuffed at. Oh, and who doesn’t love a reptile who knows how to use a blunderbuss… especially if it can suck up projectile or other characters and shoot them out again.

The king is all about that muscle gut, which is topped off by the rather unique gut armour ability. The more he uses gut based attacks, the higher the resistance he has against knockbacks and launches. If he takes damage while performing these attacks, his armour will start to crack. After three hits, King K. Rool will also become dazed for a lil’ while. So maybe it isn’t good to rely on his belly too much.

King K. Rool should definitely be a fun fighter to master, even if it takes a bit of effort. Even if I can’t master him, at least I can try to imagine what he’d look like as human.

It went a bit strange towards the end, but that’s the end of another countdown to smash, and only two more to go! Who are you looking forward to using in Ultimate?

See you tomorrow/later today!

Leon Fletcher

I am a huge Nintendo fan, hence why NintyBuzz exists. I especially love all things Zelda and Metroid. NintyBuzz was started by me back in the Summer of 2014, it started out mainly as a hobby, though the site has gradually grown, and I hope it grows for many years to come!