REVIEW – Mario Party: The Top 100

You would think that after 15 games, Mario and co. would be completely partied out. Apparently not, as this time the Mushroom Kingdom is holding a special party bash to celebrate the most integral part of any Mario Party game… the mini-games! Take a stroll down nostalgia lane with 100 mini-games from the past ten years (yes, Mario Party turns ten this year in Japan) in Mario Party: The Top 100!

Is Mario Party: The Top 100 the ultimate celebration, or is it worse than that one party I hosted when nobody turned up? Find out in our review after the break… and after I’ve finished crying!


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Nintendo Direct Summary: September 2017

Nintendo crammed new reveals and information for over 40 titles in last night’s Nintendo Direct. Taking the Spotlight segments were Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Project Octopath Traveler and of course, Super Mario Odyssey.

Some of the most notable reveals were from Bethesda as they are bringing DOOM and Wolfenstein II to the Switch with the former in Winter this year and the latter in 2018. On a more peculiar note, Minecraft is coming to the New Nintendo 3DS ‘soon’ but with no word on compatibility with other versions. (more…)

REVIEW – Mario Party Star Rush

Christmas is coming, and what’s better to celebrate than with a party. And what’s better to celebrate a party than with a Mario Party… well, depending on which one, a lot! Mario and friends are back in Mario Party Star Rush, where this time, everyone can move at the same time.

Is Mario still the centre of the party, or will Mario Party Star Rush crash hard (just like Tesco Value booze… don’t drink kids)? Check out the review, after the break!


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Nintendo Treehouse Live at E3 2016 – Day 2 Recap

The second, and final, day of Nintendo Treehouse Live at E3 2016 has come to the end, and boy was it plump with brand new gameplay of upcoming Nintendo games. We had YO-KAI WATCH 2, Rhythm Heaven Megamix, Paper Mario Colour Splash, Mario Party Star Rush, and even a brand new IP from GREZZO called Ever Oasis!

For those of you who missed the stream, or if it was just too much information to handle, we have a recap press release just after the break!


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REVIEW – Mario Party 10

Some of you may be convinced that I ate a Poisonous Mushroom as I recently decided to purchase the digital version of Mario Party 10, and I’ll be honest, half of me is thinking I had a nibble at that aforementioned shroom. I’ve been able to have a good play around with it, so let us get on with the review. I think the easiest way to do this, is to separate the good from the bad, so let us begin with the good (yes, there are still good factors in a Mario Party title) right after the break!

NOTE – A lot of the review contradicts itself… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


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Weekend NintyBeats Triple Feature [12th December ’14]

Music plays such a huge part within Nintendo games to make them truly remarkable and memorable. To show our appreciation and love of the music, every Friday we shall share a selection of tracks from various Nintendo games, new and old.

Before we begin, I would like to apologise for the two week delay, things got rather hectic at College but now everything is back to normal for now. As a gift from me to you guys, this weekend will be a host to a triple feature NintyBeats, showing off 9 different tunes from Nintendo’s history!

Check out our playlist after the break!


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