WARNING! New Smash Live Stream Approaching!

Remember over the weekend when we listed some recent Smash Bros. Wii U announcements? Remember that little bit which had Sakurai teasing for a new Smash Direct? Well, it seems that Nintendo have just announced that both Europe and North America will be streaming the said stream this Thursday [23rd October 2014].

If you are in the UK, you may have to stay up a bit past your bedtime [but who has bedtimes anymore] as it will be airing at 11pm UK Time. American fans will be able to view the stream at the convenient time of 3pm PT. The stream is expected to be a biggie, as it has been teased that it will show off ‘50 new things‘.

What could possibly be announced? What are you excited about? Tell us in the comments below!

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Nintendo To Bring Hyrule Warriors Details Direct On Monday

Earlier today, Nintendo announced that they are airing their first Western Nintendo Direct since E3 this coming Monday (4th August 2014), though it won’t be a general Direct we usually see. This Nintendo Direct will be covering loads of details on the upcoming Hyrule Warriors!

The Direct will be airing 8pm PT, just in time for bedtime for the Americans, and at 4am BST, kinda a rubbish time for us British and Europeans though Nintendo promise that the whole Direct will be published on YouTube by 7am BST!

Catch the live presentation from the Nintendo Direct Website here!

What are you hoping to be announced? More characters? More items? Tell us all in the comments below!

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