Lola Pop joins ARMS in next Update

Lola Pop – a colourful clown – was announced as the latest ARMS fighter, alongside her new stage and three unique Arms.

A trailer released this morning shows off her ability to quickly inflate and deflate herself making for some interesting defensive gameplay. No names were given for her Arms, but the trailer showed some spinning nunchucks, a large shield and a grapple like device that ‘stamps’ the opponents view in three areas.

If you want to see this new content in action before release, check out Nintendo of Europe’s YouTube channel tomorrow at 10:00 GMT for a livestream of gameplay.

Nintendo also announced a third Testpunch is coming, and it’ll take place sooner than you think. Starting on Friday 25th August at 16:00 GMT and ending on Sunday 27th August at 21:00 GMT as another piece of free downloadable software from the eShop. Perfect for those yet to try it out!

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New Arms Fighter Incoming

Last week, Nintendo of Japan’s Twitter page announced that the next ARMS update will include a brand new fighter, along with brand new ARMS. The same account just gave us a sneak peek to what we can expect.

Though the snippet of footage is blurry, we can make out that the new fighter could be likely to be female (thought we wouldn’t want to assume now, would we) and that one of their ARMS seems to twirl around in fashion. Additionally, from the rough translation, it seems their ARMS are actually distinctly part of the new fighter’s dress. This fighter will surely make the others look like they hit a fashion faux pas!

Haven’t picked up ARMS yet? Try reading our review to see what we thought!

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Nintendo Switch – Arms Gameplay Footage

Myself and the prestigious leak bearer, Laura Kate of Let’s Play Video Games, go head to head in a few matches of Arms, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Manic boxing reins supreme in this fun demo!

Check out the footage below!

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