Exactly three years ago, Nintendo revolutionised the Zelda franchise with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and merely two years later, they teased fans with a deliciously dark trailer for its sequel. Not much is known, other than the fact that it could possibly even be darker than its predecessor… maybe more so than Majora’s Mask.

The problem with leaving devoted fans in the dark for so long is that, after a while, they’ll start coming up with their own amazing theories for what the next game will entail, most of which is fuelled by their own desires and what little information they may have. That’s just what we are going to do, theorise what we believe Breath of the Wild 2 (or Breath of the Twild) could have in store when it launches… most of which based purely on what we think could be improved.

Sit back and relax with a nice cup of pumpkin soup as we take you through our hopes, desires, and dreams for Breath of the Twild!

Darren’s Hopes

My hopes for Breath of the Wild 2 are fairly straight-forward. I want a return to the open-world approach to Hyrule, as seen in the first game. I want to see that land become more enriched with even things to do and the game should offer a memorable soundtrack.

Creating an open-world Hyrule was incredibly ambitious, and I suspect it was quite challenging for Nintendo to creating something on this scale. Despite being able to explore this huge space, I felt that there wasn’t a huge amount to do. I would love to see this land populated with more villages, structures and some traditional dungeons. Perhaps the content that was already in the original game could return, this time with a twist? There is plenty that could be added to this sparse overworld, and if Nintendo plans to reuse assets from the original Breath of the Wild, it makes sense to polish the existing content, and add to it.

While there are many things that could be included in the land above, I have some really awesome ideas for what could take place beneath Hyrule. The creepy nature of the teaser trailer points to a much more sinister take on the original, akin to Majora’s Mask, especially since that game was created from the assets of Ocarina of Time. What if there are some dark secrets resting beneath Hyrule that hide a terrible secret? What if there is more to the Calamity Ganon than we first thought? Perhaps there are horribly mutated or twisted Guardians that lurk in the shadows beneath Hyrule Castle, that are awakening? Even more threatening than the ones we have already faced? Perhaps we could see the return of some classic monsters that are corrupted by the darkness?

All of this makes me imagine how awesome the soundtrack could be. But this time around, I would appreciate a much more defined score, something with melodic content, not relying completely on ambient sounds that complement the surroundings, and something that can stand on its own, that can be enjoyed when we aren’t playing the game.

One thing is for sure, Breath of the Wild 2 is coming, and I can’t wait to see what it brings!

Eric’s Desires

Breath of the Wild has an excellent story in regard to giving players insight as to why characters like Zelda and the Champions are the way they are. My hope is that the narrative for the sequel does the same by giving these iterations of Link and Zelda a deeper understanding of the eternal conflict with Ganon. It feels like games such as Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time could be major storytelling influences and perhaps be outright referenced.

In terms of gameplay, I’d like to see items like the hookshot or spinner make their return. Since Link can climb almost any surface, then perhaps those classic items could latch onto any surface as well (instead of just specific targets or rails), innovating traversal once more and giving the player more movement options.

I hope the same composers work on the sequel. While underrated, the musical cues and killer tracks from Breath of the Wild are some of my favourite in the series, and I’m excited to hear how eerie and desperate new songs could be.

Leon’s Dreams

Breath of the Wild was a fantastic attempt at revitalising the Zelda series, though there is still room for improvement… things that could make a near perfect game even more perfect. The shrines were definitely a lot of fun (bar the strength challenges), they are fairly frequent throughout the world and offer various different types of gameplay. One thing that felt a bit dull however, is how all the shrines essentially looked the same in aesthetically. How cool would it be to take on a shrine that matches the environment you found it in. You could have sandy coves near Lurelin village, dank ruins in the forests of Faron, or even frosty caves in the Hebra mountains. I feel that if the sequel returned to shrines, it would greatly benefit an environmental based makeover!

I also feel that your runes could also do with being expanded. How cool would it be to have runes based on equipment from previous games, such as the Hookshot and Eye of Truth from Ocarina of Time, or even the Spinner from Twilight Princess… hell, let’s even put in an Ocarina to make up for the lack of a musical instrument in Breath of the Wild!

It seems Breath of the Wild got a great deal of criticisms over the durability of its weapons… I honestly didn’t mind this too much, what I did find annoying however is how there weren’t a lot of opportunities for weapon crafting. Sure, you could craft specific weapons with specific characters, but that was it. Another improvement would be to gain the ability to craft a whole variety of weapons at various workshops from materials and/or other weapons. This could even lead to the construction of unique weapons that cannot be found elsewhere. Oh also, for the love of the goddesses of the Triforce, please allow us to save recipes for food dishes!

Komodo’s Musings

In regards to Breath of the Wild’s sequel, I’m happy to let Nintendo do as they please with the story and instead have a bevy of game mechanic suggestions or adjustments that I wish for them to work on. A lot of these are ironing out kinks, including features present in other games that would benefit the game from a quality of life perspective, as well as fleshing out other features that were undercooked in the original.

Firstly, loadouts. It seems bizarre with how often you have to adjust your armour to suit the environment (warm gear in cold climates, cool ones in hot, etc) that you can’t quickly create specific loadouts with your favourite gear that you can select quickly, rather than put on armour piece by piece. This seems like a no brainer and I do hope they implement it. Secondly, please expand upon the crafting mechanics significantly. You can only cook in BotW. Even potions use the same method, it’s still cooking. It should be possible to craft much, much more stuff, particularly weapons. Imbuing weapons with elemental properties, adding abilities and, most importantly, improving durability. 

The durability system greatly incentivised picking up weapons frequently, but it would be hard to remiss how frequently people brought up its shortcomings. Rarer and more powerful weapons would be held onto instead of wasted, a shame considering how good they are, so being able to increase their durability with the many, many bits and bobs you pick up would go the extra mile. I also feel that divine weapons like those the champions wielded should function similarly to the Master Sword, where they “break” but have a recharge period before they can be used again. This would greatly incentivise actually using them, because reforging them is a hassle and hardly worth it. Despite my suggestions, it really is hard to actually suggest changes to the durability system. The balancing currently in place was designed for purpose, so any sweeping changes would radically change what needs to be done to adjust for them.

Discussing our ideas really has us pumped for what Breath of the Twild could have in store when it eventually releases, alas there is yet a release date to keep our eye on other than ‘soon’. What would you want from this sequel though? Do you have any good ideas on how it could improve on the original? Let us know in the comments below and on social media.

Happy third birthday Breath of the Wild and Nintendo Switch! <3

Leon Fletcher

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