REVIEW – The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes

The Legend of Zelda is mostly a single player game, a game with an epic adventure, however, there are a few which like to stray a bit from conventions. Four Swords Adventures was the first to introduce multiplayer co-op into the mix, and the spin-off, Link’s Crossbow Training focused on the competitive.

Now there is TriForce Heroes. This game promises to bring the co-operative Zelda experience back and on the go, as well as online, on Nintendo 3DS. Does TriForce Heroes another legendary game, or do we just have some low-end heroes on our hands? Find out after the break!


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NintyBuzz @ EGX 2015: The Writeup

About two weeks ago, I attended EGX 2015 at the NEC Birmingham, the biggest UK gaming event of the year. The venue was packed with games, gamers, and miscellaneous (I think I may have spotted a Deku Scrub in the crowd).

Check out our write-up of the even (as experienced on the Sunday) after the break!


PREVIEW – TriForce Heroes Riverside and Easter Eggs

Today, we bring you two preview videos of The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes. In the videos, you’ll be able to watch some single player action on the first Riverside level, as well as a small game which you can play in the lobby while waiting to set off for an online adventure.

Check out the videos after the break!


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