1,000 Levels and Counting: StephenPlays Reaches Morning Mario Milestone

Sometimes I wonder: have we spent more hours playing the Super Mario Maker franchise or watching others do it for us?

In the case of much of YouTuber Stephen Georg’s fanbase, the answer is probably the latter. For almost five years, thousands of viewers have been able to watch an episode of Morning Mario, Stephen’s flagship 6 a.m. EST series, showcase an awesome Super Mario Maker level every weekday morning. It’s a formula that’s stood the test of time for half of a decade, and in an exclusive interview, he told us the series’ momentum is showing no signs of stopping!

Make a Super Mario triple jump into the full feature story!

Eric Zavinski

I’ve been playing Nintendo games since I was 3 years old, and my earliest memory is watching my dad play Super Mario 64.
Since then, I’ve become as big of a fan as you might imagine: YouTube video projects, fan fiction, owning just about every amiibo — you name it!
I’m also a stalwart defender of underappreciated games like Skyward Sword, Other M, Super Paper Mario, Star Fox Adventures, Star Fox Zero and more. I love to see passion in a gaming product, and my desire on this site is to share a similar passion in what I write.