So, the reboot has been a bit slow but we are gradually getting there. I have decided to give myself a sort of schedule to try and go so that we look somewhat active!

First of all, I want to try and publish at least one new review every month, but trying to push for two or, if I’m devious, three! I plan for NintyTalk to air every fortnight or, if news has been very slow, every month. Me and Chris should hopefully have a new episode up sometime next week, we have lots to talk about. I also plan to bring back NintyBeats very soon, though at the moment I am also thinking that this should be a fortnightly feature. Finally, there will also be several one off articles being published soon. As soon as Sam has escaped the terror that is University, he will start posting several one-offs. He told me he has some good ideas but refused to divulge into much detail!

Also, remember that E3 is slowly rearing its face, which means we will have even more topics to talk about, and maybe even some more competitions/giveaways if I have a stable income by then!

Hopefully, this should give you delightful readers an idea of what to expect over the following several weeks. Bear in mind I do still have College and deadlines for assignments, but come E3, I will be finished with College for good so I’ll have even more time for NintyBuzz.

Before I go, if you are interested with helping out with writing articles and reviews, visit the Work for Us page and pop us an email!

Happy Buzzing!

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This Tool Assisted Sudden Death Brawl Will Blow Your Eyeballs Out Their Sockets… Probably

Super Smash Bros. Brawl may have been released way back in 2008 [6 years ago!], but the game still doesn’t cease to tantalise one’s wow factor. This one gamer takes the game to the next level with, what I assume are, hacks to make this Sudden Death match super intense; it lasted for just over 50 seconds when usually one hit finishes the game within a matter of a few seconds. Check out the video now just to see what I am babbling on about!

Pretty impressive right?

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Check Out This Girl Crying With Joy As She Completes A Link Between Worlds

Nintendo really know how to tug at their fans’ heartstrings when creating games, one franchise in particular which does this really well is The Legend of Zelda. Whether it is the deep romance between Link and Zelda in Skyward Sword or the foreboding doom of the Terminians in Majora’s Mask, it is guaranteed that almost every Zelda game will take you on a emotional journey. This video proves just that. Check it out after the break!


Let’s Play Pokémon Red With Your Host… A Fish?!?!

The internet, a host to many weird and, sometimes, wonderful things. There’s keyboard playing cats, birds who hide in people’s cleavage, fainting goats and oh so much more. But I think I have just stumbled upon something that pretty much tops everything else… a Let’s Play stream hosted by a fish! Yes, that’s right, a fish, the aquatic animal which has fins, gills and swims through water.

Watch live video from FishPlaysPokemon on

The idea, though weird, is actually conducted in a very clever way. It looks like the brains behind the project has aimed motion markers at certain points of the tank, so when the fish swims over the marker the button which it represents will be pressed.

What do you think of this project? What do you think is next? Maybe bumble-bee playing The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask?

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Gotta Eat ‘Em All In New Pokémon Café In Japan

The Pokémon franchise is host to a wide variety of merchandising, whether it be the famous trading card game, fruity energy drinks or soy flavoured instant ramen. The franchise goes a bit further this time as a Pikachu themed café is set to open up for a limited time in Tokyo, Japan. There will be various Pikachu themed treats on offer such as Pikachu Shaped Burgers, Pikachu Curry Buns, Pikachu Parfait and much more.

The Pikachu Café accompanies the ‘Pikachu The Movie XY Exhibit’, opening this Saturday at Roppongi Hills until the 31st August 2014, which hosts an exclusive look at the upcoming Pokémon movie, ‘The Cocoon of Destruction and Diancie’, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the previous films and a Pokémon Center Store. Tickets are priced at 1,500¥ for adults (about $14).

Will you be checking this amazing Poké-tunity out [bad pun is bad]?

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Ever Wanted to Play Tetris on a T-Shirt? Well…

Forget about Ubisoft’s upcoming 3DS entry Tetris Ultimate, because it has just been surpassed in every way possible – by a T-Shirt.

Your eyes do not deceive you – a genius going by the name Marc Kerger has created a playable tetris T-Shirt. The shirt uses an Arduino UNO to process the game alongside 4 AA batteries and 128 LEDs, and was created to celebrate the game’s 30th anniversary.

I want one.

Source: Youtube

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