Daemon X Machina Launch Stream

UPDATE – Added the recording below!

The mech shooter, Daemon X Machina, launches exclusively for the Nintendo Switch in a couple days, and to celebrate, we will shortly be streaming some gameplay from the full version of the title.

Check out the stream below!

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REVIEW – Dragon Quest Builders 2

Just because you have defeated a leader filled with an immense dedication to destruction doesn’t necessarily mean its malice won’t linger. Evil has its way of sticking around, like that stubborn, yet questionable, stain on an old dish rag. Luckily, wherever there is hope, there will always be a potential for the creation of a delightful, new world, even if you have to build it up block by block.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 follows the quest of three unlikely friends to rid the world of its destructive ways, and return the passion of building back to the residents that had it squished from by a horrid cult. Does this RPG building sequel have a sturdy foundation to sit on, or does it crumble more than poorly mixed concrete? Find out in our review, after the break…

…then, morning comes…
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September 2019 Nintendo Direct Stream

It’s nearly time for the September 2019 Nintendo’s direct. You can catch the live stream below!

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September Nintendo Direct Incoming

Summer is officially over, no need to frown though as Nintendo just announced when their next Nintendo Direct presentation will air… TOMORROW!

Nintendo will be detailing on various upcoming Nintendo Switch titles, such as Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Pokémon Sword and Shield, on Wednesday 4th September 2019 from 11pm BST. Those across the pond can catch it at 3pm PT and 6pm ET.

It’s likely that Nintendo have some surprises up their sleeves regarding unannounced titles but what are you hoping for most tomorrow?

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REVIEW – Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Unlike many other Nintendo fans around me, the popular turn-based strategy series, Fire Emblem, has been one that has escaped me over the years. Due to my inexperience with the franchise, I was hesitant to take on this review. But after watching some trailers and seeing the excitement build within the Nintendo community, I was curious to see what Three Houses had to offer. What follows is a review of Fire Emblem: Three Houses played on classic difficulty.

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Introducing the Nintendo Switch Lite

To help get us through the rest of the week, Nintendo held a surprise announcement, introducing a brand new member of the Nintendo Switch family; Nintendo Switch Lite.

The new system, which launches worldwide on the 20th September, is an alternative option for player who want a cheaper and exclusively handheld Nintendo Switch experience. The Nintendo Switch Lite has a smaller form factor, integrated controls, a lighter weight, a slightly smaller screen, and can only be used in handheld mode, perfect for gamers who are constantly on the go. In addition to this, the current D-Pad has been replaced with a more traditional D-Pad and features such as the IR Camera, HD Rumble, and kickstand have been removed. Due to being a dedicated for handheld, the Nintendo Switch Lite can only play Nintendo Switch games compatible with handheld mode, additionally any games that use tabletop mode will require you to wirelessly connect separate JoyCons as well as own a means to charge them, such as the charging grip. You can see what else is different over on the official website.

Nintendo Switch Lite pays homage to the DS Lite in more than just the name. The console will be launched in three pastel colours: grey, yellow, and turquoise. That’s not all, Nintendo America have also announced a special edition of the console based off Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Zacian and Zamazenta… though as it currently stands, the game will still be sold separately from the Zacian and Zamazenta Edition.

The Switch Lite already has me thinking about the future of the Nintendo Switch family. As the Nintendo Switch Lite seems to be emphasising a lot on being colourful, does this mean we will finally see the introduction of themes to customise our Nintendo Switch experience further? Is the inclusion of a more traditional D-Pad a sign that Nintendo will soon launch new JoyCons to follow suit? Finally, could we potentially see a more powerful sibling to the Nintendo Switch somewhere down the line?

What did you think of the announcement? Will you be picking up a Nintendo Switch Lite when it launches in September? What’s your favourite colour of the three? Tell us in the comments below or on our social media pages

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E3 Delivers Amazing Games, Great Friendships

LOS ANGELES — The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, was an even better experience than I had imagined it was growing up.

This year’s event was hosted from June 11-13, and video game development companies shared their newest products in the expansive Los Angeles Convention Center as usual. While this year marked a significant absence from Sony, the company that has brought gamers the PlayStation consoles, there was still plenty of fun jam-packed into two massive display halls.

To learn more about my individual E3 experience, make the jump and dive into the three days of summer fun, complete with exclusive anecdotes and video coverage!

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