The music of Nintendo games make them truly remarkable and memorable. To show our love of the music, every Friday we share a selection of tracks from various Nintendo titles, new and old.

If you’ve been in England recently, you’ll probably know that it’s been, as Ruby Rhod would put it, hot hot HOT! Some places haven’t even had rain since May (Please note… a day after I wrote this intro, we got torrential rain). In this edition of NintyBeats, we’ll be showcasing some Nintendo music which will cool your heart in this scorching sun… or at least make it easier to imagine you’re somewhere nicer.

Check out our refreshing selection after the break!

Zora’s Domain (Night) ~ The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ~ Switch/Wii U (2017)

Our first stop on this cooling adventure is none other than Zora’s Domain from Breath of the Wild… at night! This aquatic paradise, home of the Zora’s, is surrounded by lots of water perfect for a cooling dip… probably best to not let IGN come an visit). The refreshing spray from nearby waterfalls should surely sooth the scorch from the sun.

The music itself is oh so very soothing, perfect for a moonlit swim of any tropical paradise. The song just sends a shiver down my spine, and makes my hairs stand on end… in a good way of course. The light strokes of the harp, accompanied by the gentle touch of the piano can almost make it seem like you have no more worries… until you have to leave and realise you are way behind on your dissertation!

Noki Bay ~ Super Mario Sunshine ~ Nintendo GameCube (2002)

Zora’s Domain isn’t the only locale surrounded by water. Next up on our tour of refreshment is Noki Bay of Isle Delfino. This bay is the ideal spot for a hot day. Not only is it a pleasant secluded area, away from the fray of the bustling market town, but whenever you need to get somewhere in the bay, you’ll need to take a dip to do so; refresh yourself with every stroll. I’ve heard that the Noki are quite the calm and collected people, just don’t blind yourself to meet them.

This light symphony really emphasises that seclusion and is sure to fill you with curiosity. It may seem like a scorching day, this tune feels so relaxing, and almost has a cooling effect. Just hope you didn’t choose to visit during Eely Mouth’s tooth catastrophe.

Amiss Abyss (Funky Waters) ~ Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze ~ Wii U/Switch (2014/2018)

If you really want to cool down, why not take on some deep sea diving? There’s nothing cooler than the deep sea (or the Arctic). You’ll find a variety of fascinating creatures on your dive. Be warned however, their vast beauty may be your undoing… especially when there is very little that is illuminated.

The music feels almost like you are back in the 90s, or possible even the 80s… you know the cool decades! I get a slight Bejewelled 2 feel too. Either way, it gives a great sense of seclusion and adventure. What’s hidden in these deep, dank ruins. Treasure? EEEEK!!!! A JELLYFISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so concludes this refreshing instalment of NintyBeats. Have any other suggestions for next time? Well then, why not shout them out below!

Until next time, keep those beats flowing!

Leon Fletcher

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