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UPDATE – The stream has postponed to start at approximately 7:20pm BST

For a while I’ve been thinking about starting to do more streaming, both for NintyBuzz as well as for myself. Well, I’ve finally decided to kick myself into gear and am planning on starting tomorrow on a, hopefully, weekly or bi-monthly basis.

I plan to go live from about 6pm UK time (which is GMT+1 at the moment I believe) and it’s going to start simple with a Let’s Play of Xenoblade Chronicles X, I have been meaning to restart it, and what’s a better excuse than to stream.

Once I’ve gotten my confidence up more for streaming, you should expect a more reliable schedule, more varied content, and perhaps even some live sneak peaks (within what I am allowed to show of course).

Anywho, you can catch me live from 6pm BST over at the NintyBuzz Twitch channel tomorrow (13th April 2018). See you there!

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