E3 is almost like Christmas for gamers around the world. This one week of the year hosts some of the biggest news within the gaming industry, and 2017’s E3 is just about to begin.

If you want to get right on into the action, check out our brand new and improved E3 Hub for Nintendo’s E3. There we will host the streams for Nintendo’s Spotlight Presentation, and all three days of Nintendo Treehouse Live. We will also have a stream of all the latest news as it arrives from E3 below the stream. Finally, the NintyBuzz Forum’s hatbox is embedded to the side so you can interact with our lovely community.

Want to know when you can start watching all the other streams? Check out the full E3 schedule after the break!

E3 Schedule

  • Saturday 10th June 2017
    •  EA Conference – 12pm PDT (8pm BST)
  • Sunday 11th June 2017
    • Microsoft Conference – 2pm PDT (10pm BST)
    • Bethesda Conference – 9pm PDT (5am BST Monday)
  • Monday 12th June 2017
    • PC Gaming Show – 10am PDT (6pm BST)
    • Ubisoft Conference – 1pm PDT (9pm BST)
    • Sony Conference – 6pm PDT (2am BST)
  • Tuesday 13th June 2017
    •  Nintendo Spotlight – 9am PDT (5pm BST)
    • Nintendo Treehouse Live – 9:30am PDT (5:30pm BST)
  • Wednesday 14th June 2017
    • Nintendo Treehouse Live – 10am PDT (6pm BST)
  • Thursday 15th June 2017
    • Nintendo Treehouse Live – 10am PDT (6pm BST)
Leon Fletcher

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