Metroid Prime: Federation Force came out today in Europe. If you aren’t sure whether or not to purchase the title, we hosted a Ask Me Almost Anything last week on the forums. Any questions you had, we answered them, and though it was a fairly quiet, there were still some interesting questions I didn’t even think about in our review (which you can view here).

You can see all the questions asked by the community after the break!


Quite simply, is it worth my time and money? From what I’ve seen, it’s apparently nothing at all like a real Metroid game, which of course, is what we want. I understand that it’s a spinoff, but it should at least be reminiscent of a Metroid game.

This is something which is the purpose of the review, but I can say that if given a chance, it’s actually quite a fun game, especially with others. Also, there are quite a few nods back to the Metroid series, there may not be that much theming on isolation, but, when playing it, it does feel fairly Metroid-y


how many missions are there
oh, and can you download play

There are 22 main missions, each one has two optional objectives, and there is also a hard mode which can be unlocked
Unfortunately there is no download play for the main game, but there is for blast ball


  1. can you play alone?
  2. will it be like Tri Force Heroes where you have to have a full team to play with others?
  3. is there voice chat?
  1. yes, while alone, you can equip up to three combat drones to help you fight. You can also use a special MOD that should halve the damage you receive and double the damage you give
  2. Nope, you can have one player, two player, three player, or four player games, no need to wait for a full team
  3. Unfortunately not

@Mr. L

Are the L and R buttons necessary to play the game?
If so, what do they do?

With Control Scheme A (Single Circle Pad), L and R are required. R locks onto a target, and L allows you to use the gyroscope to move your reticle.

It isn’t required with Scheme B (Circle Pad Pr/C Stick) and L is used to jump and R is to shoot, both of which can be used with B and A respectively. It is much easier using the shoulder buttons though.

So, there we have it! Of course, if you have more questions to ask, we have our review that went live last week, or you could ask them in the comments below!

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