The music of Nintendo games make them truly remarkable and memorable. To show our love of the music, every Friday we share a selection of tracks from various Nintendo titles, new and old.

With Yooka-Laylee shaping up pretty nicely (as you can see from the most recent trailer), it reminds me of other Kickstarters I have backed which are also in the Banjo-Kazooie spirit. So this week’s NintyBeats will focus on just that. Be prepared to be blown away by tracks from Yooka-Laylee and two other Kickstarted platformers, plus an exclusive (almost) reveal… after the break!

Kartos Challenge (Working Title) ~ Yooka-Laylee ~ Nintendo Wii U/Multiplat (2017)

Without the stretch goal of incorporating mine cart sections, reminiscent of Donkey Kong Country, then is is very much possible that this track would not exist. Rather than opting for a fairly tense track, Playtonic has instead gone with a soothing and tropical piece. Knowing the team though, this ideal may soon be subverted, I could just imagine the music subtly mocking me as I continuously crash my cart into many obstacles. It makes you wonder though, are you failing just because you are crap at these sections, or do you just not want the music to end. Who can blame you, it sounds a lot like it came straight from the amazing soundtrack of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, which also happened have David Wise to its name!

Hat Kid’s Spaceship ~ A Hat in Time ~ PC/Mac (TBA)

Yet another track which was likely possible thanks to a stretch goal, though this time, it’s from A Hat in Time. It is a perfect fit for a hub level, especially a space themed hub level at that. Hat Kid’s spaceship is the bridge to all the wonders of Hat World (not it’s official name). Who’s the big bad boss of Mafia Town? What’s the dark secret shrouded by the subjoin forest? Adventure awaits you at the peek through a telescope, and if this theme isn’t enough to motivate you, then I don’t know what else will. Did we also mention that it features Grant Kirkhope… and a Theremin?

Wiki Tiki Woods (Variation) ~ Lobodestroyo ~ Nintendo Wii U/Multiplat (TBA)

Wiki Tiki Woods (not in any way affiliated with WikiLeaks), is the very first world in Lobodestroyo, and is the perfect fit for that first world. It’s happy, it’s peppy, and it has a ukulele! Don’t be fooled by its initial sound however, as this track has various, well, variations, based on where you are in the level. The innocent tune can suddenly mean business as you venture into the construction site of Gnawton Estates, but then you could have a serene moment to yourself when you delve into the caverns of Wiki Tiki Woods… just as long as you don’t forget that you still have a hero to save! Gooseworx has done a fantastic job to create this dynamic theme, but the following is what we get when both him, and Grant Kirkhope work together to produce some tunes…

Gnawton Sawtooth Battle ~ Lobodestroyo ~ Nintendo Wii U/Multiplat (TBA)

Here, we have a (sort of) exclusive sneak peek of the theme that ensues when you royally whittle down to Gnawton Sawtooth’s last nerve! It’s a fairly more dramatic tune to the rest, though you have to remember, this is a boss battle. It’s you vs. a corporate madman… I mean mad-beaver, and it’s only the first world. A little birdie told me that each boss will share the same theme, though remixed to suit its character and environment. Due to this tune being a work in progress, I can only share 30 seconds of the track, but hopefully those should be some of the most epic 30 seconds of your life!

That’s it for for another week of NintyBeats, and hopefully we should have gotten you excited for these upcoming, crowdfunded games. As usual, if you have any suggestions of future instalments of NintyBeats, feel free to suggest them in the comments below.

Leon Fletcher

I am a huge Nintendo fan, hence why NintyBuzz exists. I especially love all things Zelda and Metroid. NintyBuzz was started by me back in the Summer of 2014, it started out mainly as a hobby, though the site has gradually grown, and I hope it grows for many years to come!