Though it took a tad longer, there were quite a few really detailed and great entries, we have finally decided on the winners of our latest Fan Concept Competition.

A quick reminder on what to expect, those who entered wrote about who they would like to see in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U in future DLC, as well as their move-set and their specific stage.

Find out who these lucky winners are along with their fab entries after the break!

1st Place – Garrett Stephens – Metroid

When I saw this competition posted, I was playing Metroid Prime.  I’ve always felt that the Metroid series is horribly overlooked in Smash Bros, and I’m sure many others agree.  It’s hard picking playable characters for the series just because the whole draw of the Metroid series is the feeling of isolation and being alone in a mysterious alien land.  There just isn’t many recognizable and important characters in the series since you’re mostly just Samus exploring alone.

Most people go for Ridley or Dark Samus.  Ridley is too big, plain and simple.  I’m not totally opposed to Dark Samus, but do we really want all of our playable Metroid reps to be versions of Samus? (I know Dark Samus isn’t actually Samus)


Splash screen.  Alt colors include the cloned Metroid, the classic blue colored Metroid, a color scheme based off the Kid Icarus Komayto, and others.


Size Comparison, General Info

Metroid hovers slightly over the ground and they are a bit bigger than Kirby.  Metroid is very very fast, one of the fastest in the game.  It’s moves come out quick and most have very little end lag on them.  This strong/fast combo comes with a draw back though, Metroid is the lightest fighter to appear in Smash Bros.  Significantly lighter than Kirby, Jigglypuff, Game & Watch, etc.  Metroid has high jumps and his standard A attacks work similar to Luma.  Lunges and spike attacks. Metroid is a mostly offensive fighter, great for rushdown tactics.  So get some good hits in and blast them away quickly, you’re not going to last long in the stage if they get a couple smash attacks on you.

Speaking of smash attacks…


Up Smash – Pincher Flurry

When you initiate the up smash, Metroid quickly flips forward at the screen and lifts its pinchers in the air and rapidly raises them and lowers them, and pinches them in and out.  When charging, the spikes contract inward before being let go into a flurry.  This move has a lasting hitbox.


Side Smash – Mitosis

This is a pretty straightforward move, and an ability that Metroid canonically can perform.  Charge up the attack and a duplicate of you will form in front of you.  This move comes out fast and comes back in fast, with the hitbox only lasting for a split second. It’s a good and reliable move that has little lag.


Down Smash – Burrow Spikes

Metroid quickly lowers completely to the ground and his pinchers stab upward on his sides.  Has nice vertical range and does good knockback, but has some noticeable endlag.

Now for the special moves!


Neutral Special – Concentration Pulse

Metroids are famous for their energy sucking ability, but they can also deposit that energy, proven when ‘The Baby’ gives Samus energy instead of taking it.

This is a unique move.  You can quickly tap the B button to release a small, quick energy pulse around you.  When you just tap it you can use it when running or when in the air, but it only does 1%-2% and makes the opponent flinch.  When you start charging it though, you slow down and eventually come to a complete stand still.  When charged midway, which takes about 2.5 seconds, it does 6%-7% and they are hit like a regular attack.  When fully charged, it does 10%-12% and stuns the opponent for half a second.  The move has very little end lag and you can start moving right after the pulse.  This attack can’t be charged and stored.  Bluish-greenish wavy energy that distorts what’s around like heat waves.


Up Special – Energy Jump

You ascend into the air about 3 times your height leaving a bluish-greenish wavy trail.  You go straight up and make a squeal noise.  The move works like Ganondorf’s recovery.  If you hit someone on your way up, you latch on to them and suck 5% of energy.  They gain 5%, you’re cured 5%.


Side Special – Energy Leech

This move works a lot like Robin’s Nosferatu.  You lunge forward about 3x your distance and your pinchers pinch in and out rapidly looking for something to leech on to.  Long hitbox.  Can be used for some horizontally recovery but since it has a lingering hitbox, it’s not that great for recovery.


Down Special – Acid Egg

Ah, my favorite of these specials.  Your pinchers contract and then releases a special Metroid egg.  You can only have one on the field at a time.  It will explode after 5 seconds and do 14%-17% if it hits someone.  A puddle of acid slime will stay on the field for 20 seconds afterwards and anyone who walks through it will gain 1% every .5 seconds they stay in it.


Final Smash – Queen Metroid

Here it is folks, the final smash.  In Metroid II and Other M, Queen Metroid is a boss and now you can play as her and use moves


Stage – Phendrana Drifts

This is the location that Metroids first appear in Metroid Prime, and it’s so gorgeous and it isn’t just a lava level like almost all of the other Smash Bros. Metroid stages.  Here’s a reference image:

You battle down at the bottom on the snowy platforms in the water.  The area is modified slightly with floating snow platforms to jump on.  The building is in the background with space pirates occasionally coming and firing at the stage.  Not super obtrusive.  Various enemies fly around the background and you can temporarily swim in the water.

Thanks for reading!

Garrett obviously went into great detail with his entry and was rather creative too, especially with a character(?) who is already a Assist Trophy. Most of the moves he gave Metroid are so unique, I especially love the Acid Egg attack ass well as the Burrow Spikes!

An Amiibo well deserved indeed… assuming he provides me with a mailing address to send the lil’ guy/gal/thing!

Though the following didn’t quite get the top spot, they are still worth a mention!

2nd Place – Alex Varela – Captain Toad


Alias: Captain Toad

Symbol: Toad head with Headlamp  (Shown Above)

Reason for wanting this character-

Beginning as a mere assist character who kept on telling you that your Princess is in another Castle in 1985, Toad was there almost from Mario’s beginning. He joined the playable ranks in Super Mario Bros 2/USA as the strongest and fastest character, despite of his weak jump.  Toad also got to star in Wario’s Woods, a first for our little fungus hero. He didn’t receive much playable attention in the mainstream games afterwards, but still manages to get into most of the spin-off games, like Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario Tennis and etc. He was still seen in the mainstream series as a support character during that time. When New Super Mario Bros Wii came out, 2 Toads were selected to join Mario and Luigi on their quest to save Princess Peach, and again in New Super Mario Bros U. However, when Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii came about, Toad saw a revamp in his character. This was the first time Captain Toad has been shown in the Mario series, and has been gaining popularity and momentum, giving him a playable status in Super Mario 3D World and ultimately his very own game in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

So what’s the point of this history? It’s to illustrate that Toad has been a major character since the very early days of Mario, and having him represented as a spore-tossing fungus punching bag is pretty absurd. The potential and individuality of this character already exists, and an excellent move set can come out of him.


I think Captain Toad’s jumping ability is actually a strength to his character, because it’s not that he can’t jump, he’s a Toad, and they’re clearly shown to be excellent jumpers. It’s that he’s got a heavy bag of adventuring equipment that weighs him down.

You can turn that into a unique mechanic for the little guy: he stashes stuff in his bag to make himself heavier, and tosses them aside to make himself lighter. 

Treasure Tracker makes heavy use of pulling turnips out of the ground, so it’s almost a necessity to put that in his moveset. But Peach uses that, and the last thing we want is more clones. But imagine if the move works completely different mechanically. 

Toad can have a down-B that plucks up a turnip, and immediately stashes it in his backpack. Maybe he can pluck up other things, too, each with different weights. And the he has a side-b that throws an item out of his bag, perhaps in the same order they went in. It would work like Olimar’s pikmin toss; with an empty bag he can’t throw anything. The bag would probably have a limit of, say, five items.

So, with an empty bag, perhaps Toad is fast, Fox McCloud light, and can jump like Mario. But with a full bag, he gets heavy, not Bowser level, but up there. Harder to knock away, falls faster, but now he can only jump as well as Mac. 

So there’s a give and take. You can keep an arsenal of projectiles, and get knocked back less, but now you get stuck in combos easier, and suffer the same back throw fate as Mac. Or you keep your bag empty, letting you rush in fast and recover well, but sacrificing your projectile game and getting knocked to the blast zones at lower percentages.

*A friend of mine came up with the concept. I just created the moveset and the stage.*

For a balance, Captain Toad should start with 3 Turnips every match. (The maximum is 5 Turnips)


Starting with the specials-

Down Special: Turnip Pluck[Should this vary in between items, say a random coin or Gem every once in a while that have bonus effects?] This is Captain Toad’s central move, as how he fights will depends on how many turnips he plucks. He staches the goodies in his backpack. Maximum amount of items allowed in his backpack are 5. Note, that this move can’t be used in the air.

Neutral Special: Turnip Toss (He tosses a turnip, which gives him a good projectile, and makes him lighter) [Gems and coins could be included] His second central move, as this determines how light he will be. This also serves as his main projectiles.

Side Special: Minecart [Light] This minecart helps Toad navigate through the stage. The lighter his backpack is, the faster he will go, and the easier it is for him to stop and turn. However, he will be much easier to stop with attacking and does minimal damage if he is very light. This can serve as a useful recovery. Upon hitting 2 walls (When carrying 0-2 Turnips), the minecart will break. This move can also be started in the air. (This applies to both Light and Heavy Toad)

Side Special: Minecart [Heavy] The heavier Toad is, the more damage the minecart does, and it becomes a lot harder to stop the minecart from moving. However, it goes rather slow at the start, and it’s not a very useful recovery either; he will fall very quickly when he has too many turnips. He can toss his turnips, but this will make him lighter in the process. Also, it takes time to toss the turnips and the turnips do less damage then they would when tossed normally. Upon hitting a wall, the minecart will break.

Up Special: Flaptor [Light] {Flaptor is the Bird enemy in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker that will try to squish Toad when he runs underneath one.} Flaptor will carry Toad around the stage as he wishes. Due to his light weight, he will have more control of where he goes, have a longer carry time, and will be able to move freely when Flaptor releases Toad. This brings him into Helpless Fall.

Up Special Flaptor [Heavy] The heavier Toad is, the harder it will be for you to navigate Flaptor. Flaptor will release you much a lot faster if you weigh too much. Once he lets go, you will go into Helpless Fall, and fall straight down, if you are carrying the maximum weight, or have little horizontal movement if you have 4-3 turnips. However, the heavier you are, the more damage you will do upon landing, and will perform a small quake if you are at maximum luggage.

Regular Attacks (Ground)

A: Tap {This is one of the main tools/focuses in the game of CT: TT; tapping the screen to interact with objects or enemies. Unlike in the game itself, this does not stun, but rather damages instead. This is kind of like Duck Hunt and his Smash attack with the Zapper.}

AA: Tap, Tap (The second Tap is a bit farther than the first one)

AAA: Tap, Tap, Tap Stun(The element of light will be used for the Tap Stun) The Tap Stun will stun and it covers a much better radius than the regular Taps. It’s as far as the second Tap was and does the damage as the second tap.

Side Smash:Captain Toad charges up his Super Pickaxe and swings it sideways. It has short range, but produces high damage and excellent knockback if it lands.

Up Smash: Captain Toad will once again utilize the Pickaxe, but this time he will swing it upward in a 180 degree arc. It has more range, and it cover both of his sides. It does good damage, but bad knockback.

Down Smash: Captain Toad will begin to pull a root. The root will produce 1-10 coins, depending on how long the Smash attack is charged for. While plucking, the coins will produce a defensive wall, stopping projectiles and launch enemies upwards if they are too close. The last coin plucked is always the strongest. [Should there be two Toads doing this attack? This could incorporate the Double Cherry and defend Toad from both sides.]

Dash Attack: Captain Toad will trip. The more he is carrying, the harder he will fall, and it will do more damage and launch farther. However, it will also take him more time to get up from the ground.

Side Attack: The newly found Spin-Attack will be incorporated for this move. Captain Toad will only spin once. The more turnips Captain Toad is holding, the more damage is dealt when it hits (The hitboxes of this move will be on his backpack.) However, it takes more time to start this move if you are heavy. [Should maximum Turnip capacity allow him to have 1 second moment of Super Armor?]  At 0 Turnips, the move does no damage. Instead, it will serve as a reflection for projectiles. The power of the projectiles does not change from this reflection.

Down Attack: Captain Toad will do a small kick. It’s possible to trip enemies with this move.

Up Attack: Captain Toad will turn on his Headlamp. (The move’s hitboxes are located in front of his Headlamp, and a tad higher than his head.) This move does medium damage, but has good knockback.

Air Attacks

Neutral Air: Another spin attack. Hitboxes located on his arms and head (The fungus part, not his face).

Forward Air: Captain Toad tosses his entire body forward and kicks with both of his feet. (It’s exactly the same as Mario’s back air, only done forward)

Back Air: Captain uses a Turnip to hit behind him (Doesn’t affect Turnip count, and the attack can be done even if he has 0 Turnips)

Up Air:  Captain Toad swipes his Super Pick Axe in a 180 degree angle right above him.

Down Air: Using the Super Pick Axe, Captain Toad swings straight down. There’s a sweet spot at the tip of the axe. Hitting at the sweet spot

Final Smash

For the Final Smash, Captain Toad calls upon the Draggadon and rides upon his head. Press the A or B button to fire giant Fireballs. Last for about 12 seconds.

Stage Concept

Wingo’s Castle – Players must fight on Wingo’s Castle, an area that requires jumping and rapid movement, as Wingo tends to make a quick appearance and gust everything away. Standing behind crates or walls will deem you invulnerable to this wind.

Neutral Special (B)


Side Special (? B)


Up Special (? B)


Down Special (? B)


Final Smash (B)


Stage – Wingo’s Castle 



Here, we see ladders and towers. Wingo can appear in 4 different sections: Top Right, Bottom Right, Top Left, and Bottom Left. He will create a big gust that will push those crates around (They won’t fall off the stage). The crates can give players some extra height which allows them to reach some different areas. The gust will push fighters off the stage if they are too close to the edge. I placed Mario on the stage for scale.

3rd Place – Matthew Moore

Isaac from Golden Sun with different costumes changing his weapon (Sword, Mace, Axe)

Up Smash Attack- swing the weapon in a circle above you with a final jab upwards hitting the opponent up to three times.

Left or Right Smash Attack- would use Isaac’s Stone Spire attack, brings a stone smashing down on the opponent. the speed of the incoming stone,  and damage of course, determined by how long you hold the attack down.

Down smash attack – swings weapon in a spin attack hitting opponents on both sides, similar to link’s spin except slower and not helpful when jumping.

Neutral – Would use the move psynergy. which would look like a miniature master hand doing the stop hand motion. It would reflect projectiles and push enemies back.

Final Smash Attack – would use the summon Judgement from the game, by far the coolest summon from golden sun in my opinion. It would show up above the stage and shoot a blast down from his lion cannon at where you’re standing doing the most damage in the center of the explosion and having a blast of wind shoot out from the sides of where the blast meets the stage floor.

Grab Attack (I added this just because I liked it) – would use the catch psynergy from the game grabbing the opponent and squeezing them then throwing them in the direction you choose.

His stage would be the top of the elemental lighthouses. It would change like how the animal crossing course in Mario kart changes each time you play it, except the element in the center would change each time you play it instead of the season.

Okay, that’s it for now. Congratulations to those mentioned above (especially Garrett). I would also like to thank everyone who entered this time and even if I didn’t mention your entry, they were all still pretty good and remember, there is always next time… hopefully!

Which entry was your favourite? Who else do you want to see if Smash? Tell us in the comments below

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