A couple weeks ago, Devil’s Third director, Tomonobu Itagaki, released some details regarding his upcoming game for the Wii U via his Facebook page. It seems he is at it again revealing a further insight into the game, this time focusing on the reasoning of the title and the amount of work that is being put into the campaign and online multiplayer modes.

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We made this game for single play (campaign) and online online multiplay gamers. ‘Cuz I know I have to respond to expectations by both gamers. So, in fact, we invested double amount of resources than general development in this industry, to accomplish to develop this game. I can’t show you specific length of single play mode, ‘cuz we’re still tuning this game. But you can estimate the total length of single play mode, by my saying above.




This definitely boost my confidence that Devil’s Third could possibly prove that Nintendo consoles can do online well… assuming you haven’t been convinced with the nearly flawless Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and more. He also goes on to answer a question regarding the meaning of the name ‘Devil’s Third’.

That’s related to music…


Though little was said on this subject, gamers have already been speculating that it could be in relation to a tritone, which is an interval of music that consists of either three tunes or six half tones. Definitely some interesting stuff.

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Source – Facebook via SiliconEra


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