iJustine, a popular YouTuber who uploads various interesting videos regarding tech, gaming and more, recently had the pleasure to sit down with Nintendo legend, Shigeru Miyamoto, to talk about some of Nintendo’s upcoming titles. These include Mario Maker, Splatoon and the hugely anticipated Zelda Wii U!

Though quite a bit of information share has been up in the air before, there were some interesting points to mention from the interview.

Check out the whole interview along with some selected excerpts after the break!

They begin to talk about Mario Maker, an awesome looking Mario game which bring the dreams of many Mario fans to reality, the ability to produce fully customisable Super Mario levels. Miyamoto goes on to say that it was convenient how they were working on the title around the same time they were trying to figure out how to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Mario in 2015, and it made sense that Mario Maker would be a great start. He also mentions that, back when the original games were being made, they would start off by drawing all the levels out with pen and paper. But with the release of Mario Maker, players can easily just jump in and out of playing and editing to fine tune customisations of the level.

Miyamoto also briefly mentions about the community elements of Mario Maker. One thing he says is how ‘you can se what happens when other people play your course’, could this mean that they will implement a replay feature similar to what they put into NES Remix 1 and 2? This would be quite cool as you could then see if anyone has found an alternative strategy in completing your course, or if there is something wrong with your course that you didn’t catch beforehand. He also mentions that there will be loads of other features on the ‘community site’ such as popularity rankings and a course exchange.


The next game Miyamoto goes on to talk about is a big one, it’s Zelda Wii U! He mentions how with previous games that, due to hardware limitations, they had to design each area as a segment and then piece them together to seem like it is a big world, however with the more powerful capabilities of the Wii U, they experimented a bit and gave them a challenge to take the size of the Twilight Princess world and make that the size of one area in Zelda Wii U. If you played Twilight Princess, it was quite big, maybe not as big as Wind Waker, but it just gives you a better image of exactly how large the new Zelda world will be… just hope the travel time from one area to another doesn’t equate to my daily bus route to College!

Another point mentioned is one fans of Majora’s Mask may be excited about… it’s side-quests! Justine asks about if there will be moments where players will be trying to complete the main quest but then get side-tracked and end up doing loads of side-quests. Miyamoto replies saying that there will definitely be moments like that, and it might even get to the point that you forget what your initial goal was! There may be times where you go in to one big one long dungeon, or you’re headed for a dungeon and doing other things on the side. He also goes on to mention how the games being designed so that it can easily fit in with ‘today’s’ lifestyle, meaning that if you just want to play a little bit one day, then you can just play that little bit and carry one easily the next day. I am hoping that this means that you can save on the spot or have some sort of advanced suspend feature, I would hate to think that this could mean shorter dungeons… but I doubt that would be a concern.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 12.50.26

Miyamoto also mentions a bit on the new Star Fox game for Wii U that releases before Zelda Wii U. He goes on to say that the TV screen will display a cinematic third-person view of the game, whereas the Gamepad will display a first-person view from the cockpit. He mentions that you will be alternating between the two views, the TV screen is useful for when you want to see the entire environment around you, and the Gamepad is especially good for when you are battling enemies as it has a close up view of the situation.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any more new information released, but it is still an interesting interview to go through. I have to say though, I am super jealous of Justine’s brand new Miyamoto signed 3DS XL console *cries*

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What did you think of the interview? What Nintendo games are you looking forward to in 2015? Tell us in the comments below!

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