Music plays such a huge part within Nintendo games to make them truly remarkable and memorable. To show our appreciation and love of the music, every Friday we shall share a selection of tracks from various Nintendo games, new and old.

Before we begin, I would like to apologise for the two week delay, things got rather hectic at College but now everything is back to normal for now. As a gift from me to you guys, this weekend will be a host to a triple feature NintyBeats, showing off 9 different tunes from Nintendo’s history!

Check out our playlist after the break!

Song of Storms/Windmill Hut ~ The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask ~ N64/Nintendo 3DS (1998/2000/2011/2015)

Go around! Go around! What fun! I’m so happy! Don’t you think this simple song is just so fun and fits perfectly for a windmill setting? But perhaps too perfect… Go around! Go around…  What? IT’S GOING WAY TOO FAST! Ahem… This lovely song first made its appearance in Ocarina of Time in the Windmill Hut in Kakariko Village manned by that weird music box feller name Guru-Guru. It is such a hypnotising song, but be sure to not listen to it too often… unless you like stormy weather!

Thanks for the suggestion Super Dark Pit Minion!

Mysterious Trap (Endless Explosions – Level 3) ~ Kirby Triple Deluxe ~Nintendo 3DS (2014)

Warp pads, lava and moving spiked walls, is there nothing to like about this dangerous mine? Actually, there is, this awesome background music. Whether you are searing in hot lava, or being slowly impaled by a trick wall, this song will alway make you think, ‘well, at least I tried’. It’s got a very nice mix of adventure, lava, ruins and factory themes in the tune, but it you do want to run home Scott free then there is just one thing you need to remember… IT’S A TRAP!

Facility ~ GoldenEye 007 ~ N64 (1997)

If you asked anyone 21 or over what their favourite multiplayer game was growing up, they would most likely state this gem here. I’m sure there have been many all-nighters where gamers have spent hours playing against each other… though it may be a shooter, the only threat which the players may have is a lack of sleep and some serious RSI. This song is perfect for a dark and dank facility like the one in GoldenEye 007. Perfect bit of tension plus a remixed James Bond theme makes this song so much more awesome! Plus, did I mention that Facility is regarded a fan favourite when it comes to the multiplayer maps?

Life in the Mines Returns ~ Donkey Kong Country Returns ~ Nintendo Wii (2010)

It looks like it’s another factory themed song, but this time it’s not as hectic or tense. This played in several levels of the seventh Factory world in Donkey Kong Country returns, and it’s actually a remix of a song of the same name from the original Donkey Kong Country. I absolutely love this song, even though it is set in a dangerous factory, it just sounds so peaceful and calming, maybe with a bit of mystery too, either way it is very atmospheric… just don’t sit around listening to it all day though… you still need to take back your bananas from the Tiki Tak Tribe!

Treasure Trove Cove ~ Banjo-Kazooie ~ N64 (1998)

Seeing how it’s Winter, let’s warm your toes with this steel drum beat! Treasure Trove Cove is abundant with all sorts of beach goodies… buried treasure, a giant pirate ship and more await you in this buccaneering world. Those steel drums is the sure-fire way to turn any frown upside down… even if you are being munched on by the resident shark, Snacker… just try to think of all those Jiggies you could get your paws on! [get your brain out the gutter!]

Frozen Factory – Zone 1 ~ Sonic Lost World ~ Nintendo Wii U/Nintendo 3DS (2013)

Now, I hope you have a warm coat on as we’ll be delving into some Wintery tunes for… well, Winter! This first one is from Sonic Lost World and is very beautiful indeed, it almost sounds like to are in a peaceful Winter Wonderland! You can just imagine playing in the light snow during the almost-dark evening, throwing snowballs, sledging on hill and witnessing the beautiful Aurora Borealis sight! Just be sure you don’t run to fast or you could miss it!

Let’s Go Lightly! ~ Mario Party ~ N64 (1998)

There was one game in the 90’s which took on gamer’s palms by storm… seriously, this game would inadvertently cause your palms to bleed! I am of course thinking of Mario Party! This song would play during my favourite mini-games, Bobsled Run, in which you and your team-mate control a massive bobsled down a treacherous track which would obviously cause concerns regarding bobsled regulations. Though the song has a bit of a German feel, it’s mostly smooth medley really adds to the Wintery feel of the game… plus have you ever seen Germany during Winter? I haven’t but apparently it is beautiful!

Toy Day ~ Animal Crossing: New Leaf ~ Nintendo 3DS (2013)

There’s just nothing better than a peaceful sunset walk in the white snow. We have another winter wonderland type of song here but this time it has a more peaceful mood to it. You can just imagine taking a peaceful stroll, in a cute little village with rosy apple cheeks! This plays during Christmas Eve, so if you are down with a nasty cold, you can still take that peaceful walk!

Sherbet Land ~ Mario Kart: Double Dash!! ~ Nintendo GameCube (2003)

Let’s finish off with an exhilarating piece of music. This song is just a bundle of joy, you can feel the cool winter air brush on your cheek as you race around the snow and ice. Be careful of spinning out of control on the slippery surface though. The upbeat tone of this song really makes you feel like you are in a small winter village during some sort of festival or celebration… look, even the Shy Guys are joining in with their Ice Skating routine… just don’t hit them with your kart though!

Unfortunately we have to close off another wonderful week of music… but hopefully this weekend’s playlist should keep you entertained for the whole week! Fret not, however, as we will returning next week for more NintyBeats!

Be sure to post any suggestions you may have in the comments below and enjoy your weekend! :)

Leon Fletcher

I am a huge Nintendo fan, hence why NintyBuzz exists. I especially love all things Zelda and Metroid. NintyBuzz was started by me back in the Summer of 2014, it started out mainly as a hobby, though the site has gradually grown, and I hope it grows for many years to come!