This is a rather sad month for Nintendo fans in the UK. This is because the 14th October 2014 marked the last ever issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine. The magazine has been going since 2006 [1992 if you include previous iterations] providing fans with exclusive news, previews, interviews and more about Nintendo and their games. Though I didn’t purchase every issue, it is still sad to see them leave. I still remember ONM way back from 2006!

It seems that in the final issue, Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo of Europe president, Satoru Shibata, both payed their respects to the magazine in the form of a hand drawn picture [by Miyamoto] and a heartfelt message [by Shibata].

You can see both of these after the break!



As you may know, we recently had the 125th anniversary of Nintendo, and if history shows us anything, it’s that we must always evolve and adapt. As times change, so do platforms and the way we communicate, and it is with some regret that I write these words to you in the final issue of the UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for your continued support of Nintendo over the years. I hope you stay in touch with us, by watching our Nintendo Direct presentations, visiting our website and getting involved on our social media channels. We will remain committed to crafting the sort of unique experiences that you can only find with Nintendo.

There were also signatures from Eiji Aonuma, Yoshio Sakamoto, Katsuya Eguchi, and Takashi Tezuka included in the issue.

Did you read ONM? What was your favourite issue? Are you sad to see them go? Tell us in the comments!

Source via Nintendo Everything [thanks guys and gals]

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