Wasn’t that a fantastic stream? In case you missed anything or weren’t able to view the stream, we have compiled a quick overview of everything that was announced during the Smash Bros. Wii U Nintendo Direct.

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Note that I have left some things out as they have already had focus on.
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8 Player Smash!

This is a brand new mode where up to eight players can Smash at the same time. However you are limited to use certain stages, some of these stages are bigger versions too. You will not be able to use this online. Also, certain stages are more rare to play online due to their size. You can also play 5, 6 and 7 player smash, though the stage limitations will not take effect until 6 player smash.

Danger Zones

The Great Cave Offensive stage has hazards which can cause a lot of harm, and if you hit them with 100% damage, then be prepared to say “Bye Bye” as it deal an Instant KO

Dual Plane Battling

The Jungle Hijinx stage on Smash Wii U allows players to fight on both the foreground and the background, this can add a bit of strategy [or coawardness] to fights. When you enter a barrel, do not stay for long or it might explode with you still in it… yikes!


Many more in the Wii U version, 34 and counting in fact! The names of these stages will be posted shortly.

Miiverse Stage

This special stage is similar to Final Destination but with a more Miiverse feel. Comments will appear from Miiverse from when people have played with different fighters… if you’re lucky, you may see your own.

In Fight Conversations

In certain stages when playing with certain characters, if you press down on the D-Pad, you may see a little conversation happen between different Nintendo characters based on what stage you are playing.

Metal Face

Metal Face will appear in Guar Plains sometimes during the night time, he acts as a sort of boss and comes with a little cutscene too


Ridley is the boss of the Pyrosphere from Metroid, though if you cause enough damage to him, he may start to fight on your side. Plus, if you KO him, then you receive a point… see, he isn’t that mean after all!\

Stamina Battles

This appears in Special Smash and allows players to have a sort of Health Gauge, if it runs out, you get KOed!

Special Smash Returns

This originally appeared in Brawl and allows you to set certain rules in place such as setting low gravity or giving everyone a metal cap.

Item Frequency Returns

You can set how often items appear as well as turn them off completely

My Music

Returning from Brawl is the My Music feature, here you can set how often certain music tracks will play on certain stages

Menu Music

You can also set how often certain menu music is played too


It was announced that there is much, much, much more music packed in the Wii U version than the 3DS version


There’s also more music. They say that if you fit this many composers into one CD, you would have to pay more than the game itself!


These exciting guys return! They unlock different music tracks and you can earn them in Smashes, Challenges and more!


Challenges return again, however this time there aren’t panes, rather one HUGE screen filled with many different challenges

Classic Mode

Classic mode returns, however this time you progress depending how well you survive. Rivals may also appear. You can also play this mode co-operatively with a friend

Clear Movies

There is a movie for each character when you clear All Star and Classic modes

All Star Mode

Al Star also returns though this time you face opponents in reverse chronological order, meaning you’ll fight the newer fighters earlier. The rest area is redesigned, with the trophies of the opponents you defeat in the background. Co-op is also available.

Event Mode Returns

Event Battles return where you have to compete in themed battles. Co-op is also available

Themed events, map different for each fighter

Smash Tour New Mode

This is a brand new mode which acts like a board game. Throw your dice, move a set number of spaces, collect skill powers and Smash. When you land on the same space as someone else, all players fight. At the end there is a stock battle, and how many lives you have depends on how many fighter you collect during the game. Up to four players can play!

Target Blast

This mode returns from the 3DS version. However this time, the second bomb is bigger, heavier and packs more of an explosion. There are also three different types of map.

Group Stadium

Up to four players can play all the Stadium games now. Multi-Man Smash can be played up to four all at once, Target Blast and Home-Run Contest is played one at a time and Home-Run Contest can also be played co-operatively with two players at once.

Special Orders

These are special challenges created by Master Hand and Crazy Hand. These, presumably, are constantly changing. You only have one shot at each challenge, so be sure to prepare yourself. Also, Crazy Order forces you to pay gold to play his challenges, and you can only reap valuable rewards by defeating him after completing enough challenges!

Master Fortress

Master Fortress is a new form of Master Core. It only appears at higher intensities and it looks almost like you have to go through a very dangerous maze sort of thing.


You can use the Wii Remote Plus, Nunchuck, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro, Wii U GamePad, Wii U Pro Controller, Gamecube controllers and the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS Controller

If you have the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. then you can use your 3DS to control your fighters, how neat!

Connect to 3DS

You can also use your 3DS to transfer you Custom Fighters and any equipment you have collected on the 3DS version


There are many more trophies in the Wii U version and most of them are based off of home console games

Final Smash Trophies

You can also unlock Final Smash trophies by clearing All Star Mode

Trophy Exhibit

There is now a new way to display trophies. They can now be sorted on stand [like in a museum] in different themes, like from what specific game they are from

Photo Studio

You can freely use your trophies to make a variety of scenes and take photos of these special moments.

Trophy Rush

This mode returns from the 3DS version  and you can now play either co-operatively or competitively with another player locally.


This mode returns from Brawl where you can play demos of classic games. If you really like one, you can click a link to bring you straight to the eShop listing.

Internet Connection

It is recommended that players use the Wii Lan Adaptor [compatible with Wii U] if they have a weak wireless connection


There is now a Notification ticker on the top of the menu to keep up to date with Smash Bros. news. You can also view each one on a separate screen with further details.

Team Online

Now you can play with a buddy locally against players online.


In a future update, there will be a mode where you can create your own online tournaments, similar to the tournaments in Mario Kart 8

Tournament Mode

Tournament mode from Brawl returns where up to 64 players can play locally in different brackets. You can then view replays from each match at the end.


When playing a Smash game, you can either use the Off TV Play function or use the GamePad to display the fighter stats such as stock level and damage level


You can decorate the screenshots you take with the GamePad. In the future, these can be shared online

Voice Chat

There is a voice chat option where you can chat with your Friends online in the game lobby and the results screen. You cannot speak to strangers or speak during battles.

Stage Builder

The Stage Builder from Brawl makes a return. Now you can draw platforms freehand using the stylus. You can also place danger zones and many other stage items. There will be three themes to choose from and you can use any music you have unlocked in the game. There is a focus on freedom.


There will be a future update where you can share your photos, replays, custom fighters and custom stages online.


Each fighter battle can be viewed in your own time once you have experienced them

A New Challenger Approaches

The mysterious Pokémon, Mewtwo has been announced as a new fighter. If you own both the 3DS and Wii U version and register them, you can download this fighter for free. They aim to release him during Spring 2015

Phew, so much news! What has been your favourite announcement? Did we miss something important? Tell us in the comments below

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